Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's Sunday!

Taking advantage of a few good days of spring, my personal gardener, DH, has prepared our yard and now we can enjoy the summer.  The day ended with still some work to do, and we'll complete the area under the newly installed gazebo.  He spent quite a bit of time putting it up, and now it's ready for me to make some sun shades to go on two sides of it so that we can enjoy the evenings without the sun belting us in the eyes!  We may take an outing today to look for some furniture to put under the gazebo...specials aplenty in the paper.


QuiltSue said...

You have a beautiful garden.

Pat said...

Thanks! My little space is "My Secret Garden" inspired by that dear book I read nearly every spring while I taught 3rd grade! One day the trees and plants will be big enough that I really can find a place away from everything--for now I just pretend no one can see us!