Sunday, May 30, 2010

Progression of a Quilt

Finished this quilt while sitting outside and enjoying the warmth from it on a cold end of May day in Utah.  The weather is cold and breezy today, the sky is bright blue and a few fluffy clouds around the perimeter of my view and I can just enjoy binding this quilt.
This quilt started with me buying some 1/2 price sale charm packets and then I thought I could sew them together as a free pattern Charm Thursday showed me.   I didn't realize the charm packets weren't as big as some, so I had to add some fabrics from my stash.  As it all came together, I didn't like the lavendar within it and decided not to use it as I had planned, as a wedding gift for a nephew.  Soooo, I just put the quilt top on a hanger and left it.    As I listed my UFO's earlier this year, this was one of them.
Not knowing how much the quilting would help it, I just gave it to the quilter and said, pick a pattern and a thread color.  I was so pleased when she brought it back to me.  Totally amazed at what quilting can do to a scrappy quilt.  It just brings life to it!

When a local quilt store went out of business, some of the fabrics for sale were from this particular line and I purchased some.  Not having enough of any one fabric for a back, I simply made 10.5 inch squares and sewed them together for the back.  So now it's like there is a bonus quilt--one front and one back.  The binding is unusual for me as I usually choose a dark fabric for the binding so as not to show any dirt that seems to accumulate during use and I don't like to overwash my quilts.  This binding really works though on this quilt.


QuiltSue said...

It really is lovely, I bet you're pleased now that you finished it.

Helen in the UK said...

Looks lovely. I usually go for darker bindings too, but this one does 'suit' the quilt :)

Kathie said...

Very pretty, I love scrap quilts.