Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blocks for Block Lotto Completed

I made my first entry in the Block Lotto today.  There's a button at the right of my blog that will take you to that site.  I had a lot of fun doing these.  The handles are so-o-o easy following this method.  There may be more--have to be done by the end of the month and there's still a couple of days.

Dinosaur Top Awaiting a Back

This bright top is for a young girl whose father is in  prison.  She likes dinosaurs and green so I think this will be okay for her.  I'm having to put it aside for now as I don't have a flannel backing that would work.  I want flannel as she lives in Alaska--but I have a couple of months to get it completed.  So, for now it's on a hanger awaiting quilting.  Gosh, my ufo's are growing...dum di dum dum!!!  DUM!  Oh, my, I must start quilting soon!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

9 Patch Blocks for June are Now in a Top

Okay!  I just don't think I'm a leaders-enders sort of quilt maker.  I set up the blocks and thought I'd sew them inbetween making the dinorsaur quilt I was working on.  Well, obviously this took over.  Got 30 blocks done for June and then made them into the bigger blocks, so I actually made 60 blocks for June.  I'm going to put this flimsy on a hanger and quilt it later.  I really need to get that dinosaur quilt done and get onto a quilt for my grandson.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I've Joined the Nine Patch Summer Challenge!--Links to some Tutorials

The past two days I got into a bit of diversion.  I had a small sandwich bag filled with 1.5 inch squares I'd been saving.  I decided to use them in a challenge to myself to make some 9-patch squares.  Well, what can I say---it sort of got out of hand.  Now from that small bag of scraps I have 30 fall type colors in a 3.5 inch completed 9-patch blocks; 11 brights, and 11 pastels. 

I'm taking the autumn colors and using them in a double nine patch.  I've cut all the colors and the block will look like this:

I'll be making it into a top that will be 5 blocks across and 6 blocks down and then I'll add borders.  But, I'll be using this as leaders and enders while working on my other quilts. 

This blog tells more of the 9-patch challenge and how to use pieces as leaders and enders:

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My UFO List From January 2010 is Now Complete!!!

It's hard to explain the total relief at finishing a project that when I started it I thought would take a year to complete.  I've committed to this project and as a result have spent money to pay for the quilting of some quilts I probably wouldn't have quilted just yet.  But, now it is done.  I have some other projects started and am working toward them, but the relief at not having these projects chewing at my heels any more is done!  I don't think I'll make any more lists for awhile--I'm going back to quilting as I feel the desire and urge and let the UFO's fall where they may and the projects where they may.  I really don't need a list to make me quilt--I just need to make lists to remind me of who I have promised blocks to or quilts to.  After this round of quilts on my short list, I'll be changing the focus of my quilting I think...we'll see!  Stay tuned!  This quilt will go to a school as a donation towards a fund raising project.

UFO #35 Completed--one more to go for a finish!

Long ago I bought some panels of Very Hungry Caterpillar in hopes of making a quilt for a new grandchild.  Wasn't something their mothers requested so the panels languished for a few years.  With my challenge to self of finishing up ufo's I decided to finish these panels.

True, I took the panel and bordered it rather than following a pattern I found online.  I just in all honesty wanted a finish.  Then it turned out bigger than I thought, so I bordered it until it made a twin size.  Thought I'd give it to a grandson for his new bed and then it just seemed too "young" for him, so it'll go to the Family Connections Center locally for a child who just may need a cover for a new bed.  Quilted by Judy on her longarm, using up the last of the donated Fairfield Batting.  This batting is to be used only for a donation quilt as this will be. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tutorial for Swirl Quilt

Swirl Quilt from Sunshine Yahoo Quilt Group:
Adjusted Directions made by myself from cutting instructions found on that site.
These directions vary from the original and I've added directions that I've plotted out.  I do hope that they will be useful.  The completed quilt is an excellent donation baby quilt.  Finished size is apprx. 40 x 45 which makes it easy to fit to a width of fabric for the back and carefully onto a 45 inch batting piece.
Cutting Directions
16   2.5 x 6.5
1  2.5 x 14.5
1  2.5 x 18.5
3  2.5 x 8.5
1  2.5 x 22.5
1  6.5 x 4.5
2  6.5 x 8.5
1  4.5 x 8.5
1  4.5 x 10.5
2 WOF 4.5
2 WOF 5.5
Binding strips
5  2.5
total fabric for top approx. 1.5 yards
17 6.5 crumb or string or focus fabric blocks

 Turquoise Swirl made in 2009

Sorry about the upside down picture, I couldn't remove the wording, so I just rotated the picture to match the others.  *grin*

Go on over to for how she used focus fabrics!  It's a way fun way to use this pattern!  Thanks Helen!

Top Ready for Quilter

Not much to say except this top is done and I'm excited to get it quilted!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hey, I've got a design wall!

My really exciting news is that I found an old (I mean really old--like from my mother-in-law) flannel sheet that was buried in a closet and I tacked it up as a design wall. I put my blocks there--and they are still hanging!! :-)

So, I need to get a hammer and re-tack the sheet--paint stains and all, but I now have a design wall that holds my blocks.  I'd purchased a sticky sheet that was supposed to do that, but it NEVER did.  It was a waste of money.  I just didn't want to spend any more money on a wall.  Then on one of my yahoo groups I read about using a flannel sheet and I remembered this old one that we used to use in a sleeping bag and then later even used it for a paint drop cloth.

The blocks are for Sunshine Lotto Blocks Drawing and I may still even get more made.  June is pink and green direction and July is novelties.  I used up the very last of the paw prints fabric and the Laurel Burch to make these 12.5 inch blocks.  The pattern is called Salt Lake City block and it's a bit tricky because of the bias, but the second one was much easier and I may even try it again.  I like it because for a focus fabric the 6.5 inch center leaves the fabric in a larger block.  I still have plenty of the pink, but I used up most of the green that I had!  (doing the happy dance on that one)--but it looks really soothing with the white!!

It's cold and wet and depressing here and I'm so sick of it--watching the weather calender and hoping for sunshine tomorrow!

Friday, June 11, 2010

First "Commissioned Quilt" is Delivered!

Finished quilt!

Auditioning Fabrics can be quite a time consuming part of making a quilt.
There's always several options available!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lanquishing Blocks are Now a Wallhanging!

I don't even remember when I started these blocks.  I finished a quilt in 2008 using the maple leaf blocks and I had these left over. 

I looked at them several times and just didn't want to deal with them.  As I sent two other UFO's to the quilter, this was the last of my 2010 List of UFO's and I needed to put the blocks into a quilt.  I had the original pattern with them in a plastic bag.  Then I had a brainstorm.  I had some batik strings from a swap and decided to just see if I could used them in strings application and a new quilt was born.  The remainders of the background of the leaves was used in the border.

I decided to try some Patsy Thompson ideas in quilting and granted, I need much practice on feathers--DH called them hearts, but it's okay is all in the learning curve.  I didn't have any cotton batting, and used a thin polyester that I had, and I can attest it isn't the best for a wallhanging, but I used some of it up.  One more package to go and all my batting will be used up too, and I'll be ready to buy another roll. 

A bonus!--I cleaned up my sewing room and sorted through my stash and sorted it "loosely" by color in plastic bins.  Storage isn't my strong suit, but it's good enough for me as I don't like to spend inordinate amounts of time folding and sorting and measuring--I'd rather be sewing. 

With the two quilts at the quilters, soon to be coming back for finishes, I can now concentrate on what I'd rather be doing!  Creating something new.

What I've learned:
1.  Sometimes I get stuck on using up old, no-more-favorite or "what did I buy this for?" fabric.
2.  Sometimes my designs don't work as I'd planned, but generally, I see progress in my morphing into a quilter.
3.  My tastes are changing.  Right now I'm loving batiks!!!!
4.  My days don't seem complete unless I spend at least some time at sewing or quilting.
5.  Things I didn't think I could quilt, I am learning that I CAN!!