Friday, June 11, 2010

First "Commissioned Quilt" is Delivered!

Finished quilt!

Auditioning Fabrics can be quite a time consuming part of making a quilt.
There's always several options available!


QuiltSue said...

I bet the new owner was pleased with it. Did he/she have a lot of input on the design and fabrics?

Pat said...

Thanks, she wanted it similar to the African wallhanging I did about 6 weeks ago as I took it in while hemming the binding. She wanted the giraffe and I told her I could only do similar fabrics as I didn't have any more of some of what I'd used previously and that didn't bother her at all. So I had pretty much free reign. She wanted the black chenille I'd used--so I used it as a border on the two middle divisions. Other than that, I just picked from fabrics I had. All in all, she was very pleased. I did make it bigger than mine, but it all worked with the fabrics--anyway that's what I thought. Of course there were the times when I was ready to trash it, but after it's all quilted it looks more like a quilt--they are sort of funny that way, the quilting makes it work many times.