Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hey, I've got a design wall!

My really exciting news is that I found an old (I mean really old--like from my mother-in-law) flannel sheet that was buried in a closet and I tacked it up as a design wall. I put my blocks there--and they are still hanging!! :-)

So, I need to get a hammer and re-tack the sheet--paint stains and all, but I now have a design wall that holds my blocks.  I'd purchased a sticky sheet that was supposed to do that, but it NEVER did.  It was a waste of money.  I just didn't want to spend any more money on a wall.  Then on one of my yahoo groups I read about using a flannel sheet and I remembered this old one that we used to use in a sleeping bag and then later even used it for a paint drop cloth.

The blocks are for Sunshine Lotto Blocks Drawing and I may still even get more made.  June is pink and green direction and July is novelties.  I used up the very last of the paw prints fabric and the Laurel Burch to make these 12.5 inch blocks.  The pattern is called Salt Lake City block and it's a bit tricky because of the bias, but the second one was much easier and I may even try it again.  I like it because for a focus fabric the 6.5 inch center leaves the fabric in a larger block.  I still have plenty of the pink, but I used up most of the green that I had!  (doing the happy dance on that one)--but it looks really soothing with the white!!

It's cold and wet and depressing here and I'm so sick of it--watching the weather calender and hoping for sunshine tomorrow!

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