Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lanquishing Blocks are Now a Wallhanging!

I don't even remember when I started these blocks.  I finished a quilt in 2008 using the maple leaf blocks and I had these left over. 

I looked at them several times and just didn't want to deal with them.  As I sent two other UFO's to the quilter, this was the last of my 2010 List of UFO's and I needed to put the blocks into a quilt.  I had the original pattern with them in a plastic bag.  Then I had a brainstorm.  I had some batik strings from a swap and decided to just see if I could used them in strings application and a new quilt was born.  The remainders of the background of the leaves was used in the border.

I decided to try some Patsy Thompson ideas in quilting and granted, I need much practice on feathers--DH called them hearts, but it's okay is all in the learning curve.  I didn't have any cotton batting, and used a thin polyester that I had, and I can attest it isn't the best for a wallhanging, but I used some of it up.  One more package to go and all my batting will be used up too, and I'll be ready to buy another roll. 

A bonus!--I cleaned up my sewing room and sorted through my stash and sorted it "loosely" by color in plastic bins.  Storage isn't my strong suit, but it's good enough for me as I don't like to spend inordinate amounts of time folding and sorting and measuring--I'd rather be sewing. 

With the two quilts at the quilters, soon to be coming back for finishes, I can now concentrate on what I'd rather be doing!  Creating something new.

What I've learned:
1.  Sometimes I get stuck on using up old, no-more-favorite or "what did I buy this for?" fabric.
2.  Sometimes my designs don't work as I'd planned, but generally, I see progress in my morphing into a quilter.
3.  My tastes are changing.  Right now I'm loving batiks!!!!
4.  My days don't seem complete unless I spend at least some time at sewing or quilting.
5.  Things I didn't think I could quilt, I am learning that I CAN!!


Wendy said...

Fantastic! I have to keep reminding myself that I don't have to have enough blocks for the whole thing. I CAN substitute like you did at the bottom corner.

I like this!

doni said...

Great job! I'm sure it's even better than the original pattern. You're an inspiration to us all!

doni @ Oregon coast

QuiltSue said...

Very clever, I love the quilt. It's interesting isn't it, what you can learn about yourself too on the quilting journey?