Sunday, June 20, 2010

My UFO List From January 2010 is Now Complete!!!

It's hard to explain the total relief at finishing a project that when I started it I thought would take a year to complete.  I've committed to this project and as a result have spent money to pay for the quilting of some quilts I probably wouldn't have quilted just yet.  But, now it is done.  I have some other projects started and am working toward them, but the relief at not having these projects chewing at my heels any more is done!  I don't think I'll make any more lists for awhile--I'm going back to quilting as I feel the desire and urge and let the UFO's fall where they may and the projects where they may.  I really don't need a list to make me quilt--I just need to make lists to remind me of who I have promised blocks to or quilts to.  After this round of quilts on my short list, I'll be changing the focus of my quilting I think...we'll see!  Stay tuned!  This quilt will go to a school as a donation towards a fund raising project.


Carol E. said...

Congratulations!!! Finishing a load of UFOs is BIG. I'd love to have mine done, but like you say, I also love to just go with my quilting and let the projects fall where they may. I'm impressed with your finishes.

QuiltSue said...

Wowweee...... well done on meeting your challenge. Sometimes it's good to set yourself something like that, just so you enjoy the freedom of being able to make free choices again afterwards.

Cheri said...

Wow! UFO leader!! What a wonderful example you set for us! Good job!!!

Pat said...

Thanks ladies for your comments!
Yep Sue, It's the freedom thing. affliction of retirement I think. I don't want to do any more what I don't want to do. It's that simple, but then there's always the toilets to clean and the dishes to wash and my most unfavorite interruption into my quilting: cooking the meals!

Seriously though, I love the process of quilting and the list is only a temorary restraint!
and dang it Carol, I may be following you into a 9 patch challenge. Just too many squares in those baggies--needing to round 'em up.

And Cheri,
I really didn't know what getting into a UFO challenge meant--I just wanted to be out of the top 40, so I just kept quilting and before you know it I had them all done--well at least the list. (I'm not even counting the UFO's of the UFO list!)

judith lockhart said...

Congratulations! I know it must have felt good to have completed 35 UFOs!! Now you can just sew what you desire. My list has not progressed so well this year.