Thursday, July 22, 2010

At the end of a quilting spree for WTIL

This little strippie quilt uses up some stash that I just was saving and had no purpose in mind, so I combined with the black strip I'd used previously--like 3 years ago--in a quilt.  So, now it's into a quilt and soon into the box for WTIL.

The back had some bright pink in it that had the same tone as the pink top part of the strippie that you can't see in the photo above.  It is a fabric piece that didn't seem to go with any thing I had and I sort of "forced" it to use it as the back of this quilt.  I hope that it isn't too ugly of a quilt.  After I selected the binding and sewed it to the quilt, I really liked it with the floral and probably could have made it work somehow, but, I'm at the end of my MOJO for this project and just want to ship it and clear up the space for company next week.

From a cheater panel and some warm snuggly flannel as a backing.
New report:  the box is full.  9 quilts to WTIL

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Helen in the UK said...

Nine quilts ready to go - woo hoo!! The strippie really has a dual-mood to it with the floral on the back. I'm sure someone will love it :)