Monday, July 19, 2010

Bento Box Quilt

Over the weekend I finished hand sewing the binding down.  I only had to do that because I forgot to sew the binding onto the back rather than the front.  This is from some Amy Butler pieces I had from one of her Midwest collections.  I thought I'd like it better in the bento box pattern than I did.  I did enough to make a small quilt and then stopped.  Used the other strips in an earlier quilt. 

Two totally different looks from the strips of Amy Bulter.  This one used more solids to make it go farther.

Quilting by Judy.  Champagne Bubbles I think was the design, but I really like the pattern, and had her use it on the wedding quilt I finished earlier this month.


Nora said...

That turned out so pretty (bento box) - love the color combination. Following you now so I can keep up with your pretty projects - it was great meeting & visiting with you!

Angie said...

Great Bento Box... love the quilting too!