Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just Pulled This One From the Dryer

These two fabrics were by each other in the box that Ellen sent from her deceased mother's stash.  The fabrics are to be used for WTIL and when I saw them together, a strippy pattern came to mind.  I use 4 - 9.5" strips and then 3 - 5.5" strips bordered by two 2" strips and when putting them together, without an extreme amount of sewing a quilt can be made that is 40 x 60. 

So this is the 2nd of a "Quilt in a Day."


Mary said...

It looks good! I just love how quick strippies are to put together.

I can view the blog fine.

mkhquilts said...

Your strippies are great! I think I'm going to do some in flannel soon.

QuiltSue said...

Looking good, and how wonderful to make a quilt that fast - it must be so satisfying to see it finished so quickly.