Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lost my MOJO!

Losing my ability to focus---got fabric for a quilt for a grandson, but I just can't seem to decide on a I sandwiched a couple of quilt tops and yesterday I finished this one that will go to Wrap Them in Love Foundation, which is one that Sunshine Quilters donate to.   It's a string quilt 9.5 inch blocks placed 4 by 6 with a small border.  I quilted it using a sort of freestyle loops.  I tried some fancy stitching along the borders rather than plan old stitch in the ditch and I liked how it worked.  I'll probably do that again.

This one added July 2:  This is the second one made from the similar strings.  I decided to make 2 youth quilts rather than one bigger one so that I could quilt them easier. 

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Beth said...

I like how you put the yellow strings in the same place so the squares have a similar feature and frame! Great job!!!! Beth