Friday, July 23, 2010

Roses in the Garden

Somewhere in the garden of life, one finds roses who stand out. 

For me in my quilting experiences there have been a few who stand out as mentors for me as I've begun quilting. 

First there was Tommye, a friend in Moab, who through the quilt guild there was an inspiration to many and then as she got a long arm quilting machine, I wanted one done by her, and I have one on my bed and sent my sister another one completed by Tommye.

As I moved from Moab, I started looking through the web and found some inspiration there.  One was Bev in Alaska as she was known to the Sunshine Yahoo Group.  She was a major inspiration to that group.  She would take tops, turn them into quilts and then donate them in either of two places: Wrap Them in Love or Wrap a Smile.  She could encourage the beginner quilter, as I was back in 2007 with warmth and encouragement.  I could hardly wait until she would post pictures of the tops made into quilts.  She lived alone, and made her time that of doing what she loved: quilting.  I received word this morning that she has possibly passed on.  If it is so, and I think it is as I've watched her slow down considerably in the past year, then one of my most prolific mentors has passed from this world.

Another mentor, has been Carol E. of Giraffe's Blogspot, listed at the right among blogs.  Carol is another prolific quilter and one of encouragement to many.  I love to watch as Carol comes up with some very unique quilts and always makes them great.

Another mentor that has touched my quilting in a big way is Mary of Mary quilts; also listed at the right on my bloglist.  Her tenacity at making patterns to share for free has influenced many quilters worldwide.  She founded Heartstrings quilt group and that's where I learned to love string quilts.  String quilts are a staple within my quilting.  When I don't know quite what to do with my fabrics, a string quilt always works.  I've made two wedding quilts from strings and am starting on a third, soon.

So, a rose to those who have been mentors to me.  Quilty hugs to my followers and those who have also inspired me in many ways, (Sue and Helen in the UK) for your daily emails and encouragement.  The list goes on and on, and those listed today were just the first in my world, but by no means the only influences in my quilting world!


Kate said...

What a lovely post... inspires me to take a moment to do the same thing - to thank teachers and mentors and encouragers who have been important to us as we indulge in this wonderful creative activity.

Lots of people love Bev in Alaska... if indeed she is gone, we will all miss her. Her posts to the Sunshine Group brightened the day!


Mary said...

Thank you! I love that the Internet allows us to interact and share with quilters all over the world that we would never otherwise meet. I'm always thrilled to know that something in my quilting has inspired someone else.

I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend, while the internet brings us friends, sometimes it also reminds us how tenuous those connections can be since many times all we have is an email or blog address for them.

Mary said...

Lovely post and thank you for the update on "Bev in Alaska" who was always the first to finish a Quiltaholics mystery and so encouraging to everyone, as you are with this post.

Helen in the UK said...

So sorry to hear about your friend Bev. I didn't know her, but she clearly had a strong influence on those who did.
One of the nicest thing about the internet is the quilt community that exists 'virtually'. You can tap into it at any time for inspiration, commiseration and eye-candy. I love that we all encourage each other, share patterns and spark ideas that head off in another direction! Long may it continue :)

Amish Quilt Patterns said...

Awesome post! We love the concept of "eye candy" and often translate that into our quilts as well. Your blog is an awesome inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

QuiltSue said...

What a lovely post. It really made me stop and think. We take so much and so many for granted don't we? Thank you.

I am sorry for you too in the loss of your friend.

Carol E. said...

I neglected to thank you for listing me as a mentor. I'm humbled! (Your quilts are beautiful.)