Sunday, July 4, 2010

You Can Quilt That Out!!

There's a cute video making the rounds on some of my online quilting groups.  It's called "You Can Quilt That Out" see: v=XzoL7ddTEnA

I chuckled when I saw it, but that was before I took some scraps from some other quilting projects and thought that I could quickly make them into a quilt for Wrap Them in Love.  The pattern made a 45 x 45 quilt and I needed closer to a 40 x 60 so I added some borders.  When I laid it out to pin for quilting, I found that the star (on the bias and stretched a bit) was hard to work with.  So to my machine--now a few hours later, it is done.  I started in the center and worked out--something that string quilts hasn't been necessary.  But, I simply did a meandering stitich and quilted the heck out of it.  I still need to wash it, but most of the "buckle" is gone and it worked out to be a cute (in my humble opinion) quilt--mostly from donated fabrics!  It'll go to the stack of WTIL quilts awaiting a label (ugh), but will see that it gets done and to them sometime before fall!  I still need to get to that quilt for grandson!!!  :)

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