Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Quilt Show

Recently, I attended an annual quilt show at the Springville Art Museum.  I will put up some pictures each day of the quilts that I found interesting there.  Not all quilts at the show did I take pictures of.  There were many beautiful quilts.  I limited my photos mostly to my interests.

In this quilt, Ms. Smith wrote that in 2008 she took a class from Louisa L. Smith called Strips'n Curves.  This quilt is Kim Smith's interpretation of Louisa Smith's instuction.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sampler Quilt From Bev in Alaska's Stash

The photo just doesn't do the rich rust tones of the setting justice.  I had some bright gold with little flecks of the same tones that I used for the borders.  I had the idea of lengthening it so I add some blocks at the bottom.  After looking at the picture I'm not sure it had quite the effect that I wanted, but it's done and will be sent to Peru for a shipment of quilts in Bev's honor going to Rotoplast patients there.  More about Bev, HERE  It seems each quilt has a learning curve.  I have a box of blocks that were sent to me by Linda in Alaska and Dawn in Alaska, friends of Bev who took on the huge task of shipping out fabric to other Sunnies as The Sunshine Yahoo Group calls themselves.  There was a block in the middle--the one with a heart, that was hand pieced.  I've never seen a block that someone handpieced.  I can't imagine how much time it must have taken.  The backside had pencil markings of 1/4 inch seams.  I have a turtle block that I think I'm going to make into an infant quilt.  Thinking of extending it with sashing and put it on point, so it will be next.  It's just that it's calico and I don't have lots of calico--well practically NONE, but I'm sure I'll find something that works.  There may be more fabrics in the box at the bottom, it's just that I haven't gotten there yet!  I just had to play first!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

APPLES! What do you do with them??? ...Finished!

Apples from fabric and now into quilts, folded, boxed and ready to send to Wrap Them in Love with the other quilts made from Helen's Stash for that purpose.  With a sigh of relief, I think I'm now ready to move onto making a quilt for granddaughter.  I've put that off now about as long as I can.  Sometimes it's funny the things we do when trying to avoid a project.  I don't know what it is that's making me drag my feet unless it's just such a big project in my head.  Queen sized quilts aren't really "fun" for me--they are work.  But, quilting isn't for the faint of heart anyhow!  See: How I got started with the apples

I'm Learning!

I've been wanting to shorten how to link to another blog and I think I've got it.  It was so easy all along.

If you'd like to have a chance to win a Go Cutter go here .  I'm liking how she cuts so many things at once.  Boy would that save the wrist and arm and repetition cutting!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I just finished a quilt from the Bento Box pattern I used with Amy Butler fabric. The one didn't take a picture too well. It's really a pretty celery
green rather than yellow. I tried the Hidden Wells pattern with some of the 1.5" strings I had and that didn't really excite me and I didn't have enough of
one dominant fabric for that, so it worked to take what I'd done and didn't want to complete to add length to the square top I had.

The browns were left overs from the other one I completed in July. I have a few coins left from this line and I may be able to get it put together in a quilt
for WAS. These fabrics looked so cute to me, but after working on them, I have to say they aren't my favorite line of fabrics. But, that being said, I think
the quilts turned out nicely.

A Little Quilt Dinosaur Style

Ever had one of those days when you just don't want to put on make-up or fix dinner or go anywhere?   I had one of those days Sunday and I didn't want to work on anything I'd started, so I went through some scraps and made this small quilt for my neighbor who is having a baby boy.  I machine sewed the binding so that it'll be sturdy.  It's pretty bright!  The smaller squares work up fast!  It was a fun diversion. 

Yesterday, I machine sewed bindings on two quilts and finished a flimsy top from some other UFO's, but the bindings will wait until I have surgery so that I'll have something to do with my hands while recouping.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

APPLES! What do you do with them???

 A recent gift of donated fabric to be used for Wrap Them in Love came with a large piece of apple fabric. 

Not quite knowing what to do with it, I cut a back for another quilt, but that didn't work too well.  So, I proceded to sew some a-b-c squares together in an I-Spy Quilt and decided the apple fabric would work for borders and now I have an apple fabric backing.

Then, with still ample fabric, and being in the process of cutting--I cut some fabrics for Bricks and Stones ala Bonnie Hunter pattern.

All this while still trying to figure out what to do with Granddaughter's Quilt.  Some extra fabric came yesterday, so now I have enough and need to figure how to use it.  Since it is no longer available, I have to use what I have in creative ways.   The operative word is "creative,"  so I'm still avoiding it!!

This is the braid I'm working on.  Thinking I'll use three of these and then break them up with the beige at the left of the picture and then use the blue floral for a border on the outside if there is enough.
Cutting fabrics yesterday to give me a start on some projects in two very informative books, Scrap-Basket Surpises and Strip Tubing.  Cutting of fabrics is stressful on my knee and will take some time each day to build up the strips needed for some quilts.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Challenge of the Rose!

This month's block lotto is a liberated rose.   

Working with this challenge this month brought back memories of when I first really started quilting--circa 1997-98. There was a challenge of making blocks toward the quilter's desire. I wanted to make a small quilt using some of the processes by Jean and Valori Wells in their book, "Through the Garden Gate." I spent hours looking through that book, but being dyslexic and also a new quilter with very few scraps, I needed some help. I could not figure out how to do those blocks.

But, I finished a small quilt and I still bring it out for the summer, pictured upper right.

This challenge of the rose brought back some of that frustration. First, I didn't have many scraps as I had just last month finished over a hundred crumb blocks! But, I had some batik strips and thought I could try.
I learned:
More than three colors works best.
Trimming and "eyeing" the shape works better when squinting and viewing the shape.

Shades would bring out the shapes more, but as I said, I don't have many scraps that would work for this as I try to use them up for charity quilts in order to keep my space cleaned up--(anal I know!).

Pieces bigger than the 2.5 inch strips I had would work better, but if trimmed right, 2.5 inch strips can work.

 I just thought, I'd post a picture of my "try" for this challenge. I think I may start plastic bags for single colors of scraps--and try this again sometime. I'm now out of green, and the pale lavendar, so I can't fix what I've got. (I just barely made it, as is)  But, I finished the challenge!

Not so much liberated as I'd like to be.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Nine Patches Finished and Will Become A Wedding Gift

When I started this quilt, it's purpose was to use up fabric and make some 9 patches.   See:  HERE
I changed the pattern a bit using a different color in each corner. 

Recently, I learned my hairdresser was getting married and also that she and her intended bought a condo.  So, I asked if I could give her a quilt.  Autumn colors is what she likes and so I finished this quilt for her.  The post describing the challenge: HERE

It's a lap quilt.  I do hope she likes it.  I'll find out next week when I go get my hair done.  She's the one I also made a giraffe quilt for and I thought I'd get a batik quilt done for her, but I've just not got enough time in the day to complete something totally new--and get it quilted before the wedding!

Side note:  with the 60 done by June 24 and 39 sent to Sunshine for Bev, brings my total of 99 more than qualifies as a block a day for summer, even if that's not exactly how I did it!  At least the challenge got me to complete this quilt!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Binding, Finishing and Using Some Stash

Finished Crumb quilt and I love it!  By using a photo of the layout, I was able to see one minor change in the layout and corrected that and love it so much more.  ITTY BITTY CHANGE!!

Stack of string blocks started from some fabric I was getting tired of seeing in my closet.  A plea went out for some red or blue centers in some heartstrings to go to that group.  I did 24 yesterday and plan on doing 24 more today and then mailing them out.  Mailed out Sunshine 9 patch blocks in memory of Bev Bennett, an avid Sunshine quilter who passed recently.  Also some blocks for a Sunshine Lotto.  A visit to the chiropractor and now I'm almost as good as new!  A new day and soon the sun will be up and I'll take a cup of Java on the back patio.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I've been working on reducing my crumbs only drawer.  I have several blocks made and this morning I arranged some blocks for a quilt top.  I was going to send them off as a PIG (project in Grocery bag), but opted to see what I could do.  This will work nicely with some fabric in my stash for the backing.

Slowly but surely, I just may reduce my stash!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Make It And Give It Away

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A wonderful find about how to vary the experiences of deleting stash.  I've ordered the book that inspired the pictures on this site and now that the last of my strippies is sewn, I can make room for other ideas inside my crowded headspace!   *grin*

Taking a couple days off sewing--today a day in town and taking in a movie: "The Girl Who Played with Fire", lunch and just meandering.  Then off tomorrow to the annual Park City Art Festival.

Friday, August 6, 2010

On Christmas Fabric, Cows and Quilting Designs

(Black and Maroon quilted only.)  Cow quilt, bound, washed and ready.

Recently I received a box of fabric to use in quilts to be sent back to WTIL (Wrap Them in Love).  I went through the fabric and found some that I could use right away as I had some quilt tops in blue/yellow that could use a piece for the backing.

Others within that box was cow fabric--catchy--but to me a bit boring.  ...And a maroon fabric labeled on the side, "Christmas".  Now the challenge to me was how to make that Christmas fabric of use the year 'round to someone on the receiving end.  Since I didn't just "love" these fabrics, I chose to make them into quilts with the least amount of time for me--thus using the strippy pattern that I've used recently on other quilts. 

Then for the quilting pattern--what to choose.  I spent some time on the solids within the "cow" quilt marking a pattern and trying to follow that.  That seemed to go okay, and after washing, it did appear much better.  But, I was reminded of my grandson's reaction to his quilt, a quick okay and then on to see his cousins.  Now, he will probably be warmed by that quilt, when it finally gets put on his bed, but my guess is that his 6 year old eyes won't even see the quilting that I paid for.  

As quilters, do we get our ego involved in our work and let that stand between what we do versus what we could be doing?   I've wondered many times.    For example, when I take my quilts locally to the Family Connections Center, the one lady that receives them most of the time, oohs and ahhhs over each quilt and its uniqueness.  Not once, when I take them in does she go over the quilting with quilter's police "eye."  She looks them as a child would.  That's what counts to me.  As I continue to rid myself of my stash, trying to make warm quilts that look good, yet not getting caught up in the mechanics of it all, I must remember that short, "okay" from my grandson and put things in proper perspective.  A hungry, cold child, teen or mother, isn't going to look at the quilting and say, "This wasn't done on a long arm--I don't want it."

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lotto Top~Baskets of Love~Ready for Quilter

Wild isn't it????

Quilt top ready to send to the quilter--this is just too big a project for me to try right now. 

This is from baskets that I won last month.  I got the last of the baskets today and still more to make into a quilt, but this is the first one!

Dog Days of Summer!

Okay, it's hot and I'm tired already!
I'm first in the pool!
Hey, that's an idea--we'll take over!
Visiting and catching up!Putting up the tent

GG's cake!