Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Binding, Finishing and Using Some Stash

Finished Crumb quilt and I love it!  By using a photo of the layout, I was able to see one minor change in the layout and corrected that and love it so much more.  ITTY BITTY CHANGE!!

Stack of string blocks started from some fabric I was getting tired of seeing in my closet.  A plea went out for some red or blue centers in some heartstrings to go to that group.  I did 24 yesterday and plan on doing 24 more today and then mailing them out.  Mailed out Sunshine 9 patch blocks in memory of Bev Bennett, an avid Sunshine quilter who passed recently.  Also some blocks for a Sunshine Lotto.  A visit to the chiropractor and now I'm almost as good as new!  A new day and soon the sun will be up and I'll take a cup of Java on the back patio.


Mary said...

Love the HeartStrings blocks -- that will make a bright one.

I always use photography in my quilting - funny, you see things in a photo that you don't with the naked eye.

QuiltSue said...

Love the red heartstrings blocks.