Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On Modern Technology

Tomorrow will be 43 years since the birth of our first child.  I smile now at how little I knew going into that.  No prenatal classes--only old wives tales that seem to abound around childbirth.  

Before I had my knee surgery I had a class that went through all the equiment that would be used by me and by the hospital to speed recovery.  I met the Dr., the PA, the physical therapy office near the doctor's office and I was prepared with some knowledge.  The tools I have at my disposal are the best that are currently offered--and many weren't even around when my mom had her knees done eight years ago.  The ice/cooling system is wonderful.  I can keep it on my knee for as long as I like.  We put frozen water bottles inside and then fill the ice chest with water and then coolness moves through the blue cord and into the pad that is held in place with Velcro.  Wonderful healing gizmo!!!    I must wear the TED hose and the little white plastic thing allows me to put the hose on there and then pull the chord and without a lot of effort the hose are up to my knee and hardly a sweat is broken--much different than when I was putting some on in the hospital before the surgery.  The crutches are light and easy to use--not sore armpits and no stooping over a walker.  Pain is managed through drugs--they have their downside--but with a little senna tea last night I even broke through that barrier!  ROFLOL!!!

I have a written account on an ancestor--who when coming to Utah from Denmark then to England and with a group of immigrants in the 1800's came as a child of eight.  Her parents contracted the flu and left the four (I think) children orphans.  Their mother had made quilts and had knitted warm wool socks for each child.  My grandmother was placed with a couple that really didn't want to have a child with them.  The story tells of some mistreatment and "loss" of socks and quilt.  The group of pioneers that left with handcarts, left a bit late and really should have stayed back East through the winter, but they left and then were stormed in a Rock Cove in Wyoming.  Her feet were frostbitten.  Her feet removed at the ankles and later needed to be "sawed off" at the knees by someone, not even a doctor.  She survived, walked her life on her knees with leather surrounding the knee and cotton from old clothes as padding.

She learned to sew and made clothes for others and that's how she provided for herself.  She eventually married and had a family and she is I think my great-great grandmother.

I've often wondered how she ever did it.  There are no records written in her hand.  I would think she would have post-traumatic stress syndrome.  Anyhow, even with all the tools I have and the physical therapy and all, I still have pain--though little I'm sure to what she endured!

And I have a quilt--wonderful when the ice is on my knee.

Yesterday we measure the flex--90 degrees up from 63 last week.  The swelling is subsiding and I'm staying under the limit for my meds--and hopefully can begin to decrease dependence on them!  Oh and I get to shower with warm water and a chair to sit on and just enjoy the water rolling over me.

Life is fine!

Our neighbor brought over some hot home made bread.  Now who can pass that up?!!!   I've been off wheat for 2 weeks, and am breathing much better without eating wheat--but you'd have to throw it away to avoid that aroma!!!  Used some pear honey that I'd made a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed a treat.  Soon the loaf will be gone and I'll be back off wheat, but oh, that was fun!!!  (Spoken like the baker's daughter that I am!)


QuiltSue said...

What an amazing story of what your great-grandmother went through.

I'm glad you're recovering well.

BrendaLou said...

Glad you are recovering! Incredible life of your grandmother! You come from incredible stock!