Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Blogger's Fall Quilt Festival Again!

I look forward to this time of year, when Amy sponsor's the Blogger's Fall Quilt Festival!  It's a fun time for me to get to lots of other blogs and learn new things and get new ideas.  Amy's Bloggers Quilt Festival

My entry this year is brought about by last year's festival and I do wish I could remember the blogger who's quilt gave me an idea for this quilt.  My niece was getting married and I wanted to make a quilt.  She chose turquoise and lime green as her colors.  I was a bit stymied, but going back to one of my favorite quilt blocks made her quilt a fun quilt to make and one she loves!  This is the quilt:

cutting the strings

Ben and Christine

Quilt in its gift form!

My brother escorting Christine to the alter.

My 86 year old mom enjoying the festivities!  And my granddaughter dancing!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

All Good Things Come to an End

It's been a few months now that I've taken stash from a dear Sunnie and tried to make some quilts in her Honor.  There's still more fabric, but I'm tucking it away for now.  I've got five quilts ready to send to Wrap A Smile for a Peru trip soon.  This last quilt comes from leftovers of some dinosaur fabric I purchased online in a weak moment!  A bright colorful quilt is now complete.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In Memory of Bev

From the box I received from Bev in Alaska's stash were some little triangles done in batik.  I didn't have navy so I used what dark blue I had and made some blocks.  I also had some red and made some coordinating blocks.  The quilt above is from those blocks and then adding some plain blocks to extend what was from Bev's stash.

I needed one more block to make it a more balanced quilt, but I used what I have leaving me with an odd block--but I'll find a place for it.  I left what I had on a bed and just wondered what I'd do.  I really could have used more plain red--but I didn't have any more.  Needed one more block in blue and didn't have that either.  Finally, I just attacked the six blocks I'd assembled with borders!  It grew into a fun quilt.  I used stencils to draw some quilting designs and I'm now quite happy with an addition to quilts in memory of Bev.

Permission Granted

The other day after posting a picture of this quilt
Christine Mann asked for permission to post a picture.on her web posting of "How to Make A String Quilt Border" see it HERE     Great Instructions !!!  Thanks Christine!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Outside My Window

Outside my bedroom window was this beautiful unfolding of the perfection of nature.  The cooler weather brought out the colors of this rose which with the coming cooler weather will probably be the last rose of summer.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Fall Color Find

Sunday, I found some partially completed blocks and I decided to finish up the blocks and get a quilt done.  With no particular idea in mind I found I had 24 blocks which in this case made a square.  So rather than make more blocks, I decided to try a piano border.  Then I wanted some burgany for the border and found this unused stash piece with fall colors. 
I had a two yard piece of some bronze color that I had purchased last January for some kind of HST quilt that I had long since forgotten about and couldn't find the colors needed or wanted.  It worked perfectly with this quilt.  I have gotten to adding a strip of crumb blocks to the backings as it makes them wide enough to fit a nice size lap quilt.

Using Up Red and Black

Every month I get to play with new ideas and use up bits and pieces of my scrappy stash and donate it toward a Lotto with Sunshine Yahoo Group.  The lotto is split between participants and Sunshine, with Tammy making quilts from the blocks and donate to Wrap a Smile or Wrap Them in Love.  I see it as a way to purge my scraps that I'm not too fond of or scraps that don't lend themselves to other scraps I have.  In this case, black and white and red and white.  I am really getting depleted of reds right now!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Making Quilts from Bev's Stash

Taking pastels from someone's stash when yours doesn't quite match in the value/tone turns up a wild, fun extension of color from a pale peach to a vibrant copper colored sunflower center!
Add a strip of some crumbs to some really pretty--yeh, I know the picture doesn't do justice to the color--deep avacado Patrick Loosee fabric and the back looks like this.

Then take some 6.5 inch squares and combine with some 9 patches and a colorful quilt is born.  I had the small black and white checks on my cutting table from another project and thought they would make a fun border--they did!
This backing is some I bought from someone else in a yahoo group--I think I just helped pay for the postage.  They are what I call funky monkeys, hence the name of the quilt.  They are rather strange monkeys and now some unused fabrics have found a home and two more quilts are ready for Sunshine in Memory of Bev (in Alaska).

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again...

Finally, I can sit on the chair at the sewing machine and sew away!  These blocks are from Bev in Alaska's stash.  I had some blue and some red to add to the partial blocks.  Sadly, I came up with an odd number and I'm trying to figure how best to use them.  Because I didn't have enough of either the red or the blue, it has added a bit to the dilema.  I think though I'll work them into two smaller quilts for Wrap a Smile.  I hope the colors are okay for Peru.  Some cultures don't respond well to red or black and this will have both, but I'm hoping they will be okay.  I found some gold batik on 1000's of Bolts online and I'm trying to decide if I should go ahead and order.  I'd hate to have them run out of the gold, as already the red I ordered a couple of weeks ago is gone.  I bought it for another project, but I can continue to look for red.  Gold, on the other hand is harder to find.  I think it needs the gold to make it sparkle a bit.  I've rearranged these blocks several times.  Now that this is sewn together and on the design wall, I think an idea will form.

On another note.  Tomorrow, I start going to the Physical Therapy Center.  I went to the dr. yesterday and I'm right on track with the movement and healing of my knee.  Need to use crutches less as I'm able and also walk longer distance now at least once a day.  It was encouraging to see how many people in the office were progressing and walking well with their new knees or hips.  After years of counting steps and limiting my activities, I am looking forward to less pain wrinkles in my brow and more happy steps ahead!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's a Wrap!

Now that this is done, I'll comb through the leftover scraps and see what I can do to make some pillowcases.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What I'm Doing Today--Quilt A Long Saturday

As usual there is lots going on inside my head.  I did the teapot blocks awhile back and I've not decided yet how to set them and today may not be the right day to work on them.  Had a rough night last night, I finally resorted to more pain meds and finally got back to sleep.  Today, I'm just a bit groggy and the pain is still more than I'd like.  The druggist only had a few to let me have over the weekend and I may have to revert back to the Tylenol 4 that I was using at first.  But, chin up and go walking.  It's so good to be outside and walking!  A beautiful autumn day here in Utah.  Hubby is going to see DGD play soccer and I'll either work on the big quilt or take a nap! 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Christmas Quilt-a-long

One of the bloggers in the blogworld that has become a friend through our exchanges back and forth is Sue of Quilt Times.  She recently announced that a book she's been working on will be published.  I just added a button at the right for a quilt-a-long.  Anyone can join in.  I don't do much Christmas quilting anymore, but I certainly can join in the fun--anyhow I hope I can.  Go to her blog and read more.  She has a delightful blog!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baskets of Love Completed!

With time on my hands and a little advance preparation of sewing on the binding before surgery, I was able to complete this quilt.

And this one is completed too!

This small wallhanging as a donation to my Delicate Stitchers Quilt Guild in Moab for fund raising.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Magic Carpet Dreams!

This was the quilt that appealed to me most at the recent visit to the Springville Art Museum.  I guess it's because it's something that I'd like to try.  Similar to collage in art it is application of different forms of fabric, in this case: cotton, silk and sheers.

This was on the description at the gallergy:
Under the light of the moon, the magic carpet flies through the bedroom window into the land of dreams.