Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again...

Finally, I can sit on the chair at the sewing machine and sew away!  These blocks are from Bev in Alaska's stash.  I had some blue and some red to add to the partial blocks.  Sadly, I came up with an odd number and I'm trying to figure how best to use them.  Because I didn't have enough of either the red or the blue, it has added a bit to the dilema.  I think though I'll work them into two smaller quilts for Wrap a Smile.  I hope the colors are okay for Peru.  Some cultures don't respond well to red or black and this will have both, but I'm hoping they will be okay.  I found some gold batik on 1000's of Bolts online and I'm trying to decide if I should go ahead and order.  I'd hate to have them run out of the gold, as already the red I ordered a couple of weeks ago is gone.  I bought it for another project, but I can continue to look for red.  Gold, on the other hand is harder to find.  I think it needs the gold to make it sparkle a bit.  I've rearranged these blocks several times.  Now that this is sewn together and on the design wall, I think an idea will form.

On another note.  Tomorrow, I start going to the Physical Therapy Center.  I went to the dr. yesterday and I'm right on track with the movement and healing of my knee.  Need to use crutches less as I'm able and also walk longer distance now at least once a day.  It was encouraging to see how many people in the office were progressing and walking well with their new knees or hips.  After years of counting steps and limiting my activities, I am looking forward to less pain wrinkles in my brow and more happy steps ahead!


Sand and Sunshine said...

If you think you need gold you should get it. That's the odd thing about 1000's of bolts sometimes stuff stays in stock a long time and then others it's gone before you can blink.

Sounds like positive happy progress, good for you.

Carol E. said...

Nice blocks! I'm pretty sure Peruvians like bright and bold colors, judging from what art works come from that area. Hopefully there will be no problems with the colors we send!