Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In Memory of Bev

From the box I received from Bev in Alaska's stash were some little triangles done in batik.  I didn't have navy so I used what dark blue I had and made some blocks.  I also had some red and made some coordinating blocks.  The quilt above is from those blocks and then adding some plain blocks to extend what was from Bev's stash.

I needed one more block to make it a more balanced quilt, but I used what I have leaving me with an odd block--but I'll find a place for it.  I left what I had on a bed and just wondered what I'd do.  I really could have used more plain red--but I didn't have any more.  Needed one more block in blue and didn't have that either.  Finally, I just attacked the six blocks I'd assembled with borders!  It grew into a fun quilt.  I used stencils to draw some quilting designs and I'm now quite happy with an addition to quilts in memory of Bev.


QuiltSue said...

I love what you did here. Lovely cheerful quilts.

Cheri said...

Very nice use of what you had on hand. Looks very planned to me. Pretty.

Sand and Sunshine said...

Attacked with borders, that's great! That black, orange, and yellow batik really adds to the quilt.