Sunday, October 17, 2010

Making Quilts from Bev's Stash

Taking pastels from someone's stash when yours doesn't quite match in the value/tone turns up a wild, fun extension of color from a pale peach to a vibrant copper colored sunflower center!
Add a strip of some crumbs to some really pretty--yeh, I know the picture doesn't do justice to the color--deep avacado Patrick Loosee fabric and the back looks like this.

Then take some 6.5 inch squares and combine with some 9 patches and a colorful quilt is born.  I had the small black and white checks on my cutting table from another project and thought they would make a fun border--they did!
This backing is some I bought from someone else in a yahoo group--I think I just helped pay for the postage.  They are what I call funky monkeys, hence the name of the quilt.  They are rather strange monkeys and now some unused fabrics have found a home and two more quilts are ready for Sunshine in Memory of Bev (in Alaska).


QuiltSue said...

You're really making good use of the fabrics. These are great, fun, cheerful quilts.

Kate said...

I love this post, dear. And Bev would love it too.

Kathleen from Sunshine