Monday, November 8, 2010

Bricks in Brights!

I had some bricks left from an earlier quilt Apples--HEREand I saw a quilt done one Sunshine Yahoo Group by Linda that I thought I could "copy" and use up my 3.5 x 6.5 inch blocks that I had left--so I added some other colors and the 2 inch strips along the 6.5 inch side and then put 4 together making a 12.5 inch block.  I still have some ready for another quilt, but I just love the looks of the black and the bright colors.  I put a backing on of a bright blue with puppy paws scattered around.  When I had put the blocks together another quilter, Mary, came up with some written instructions See Mary's Instructions HERE   Finished size 40 x 54".

I also added a border to some blocks I'd sewn together from some strings.
This isn't a really big kids quilt, but it'll go to Family Connections Center and I'm sure they can find a use for it--maybe towards Sub For Santa.  Who knows!

I'm totally disgusted with myself--yesterday after finishing the quilts I read the first of a series of books, this one called "Hunger Games" and while reading, I moved to the small loveseat in the office and adjusted the blinds for a really sunny read and when I got up, I realized I'd hyperextended my "good" leg!  So now, I'm back on crutches while this heals.  Dang!!!   Double Dang!!!  Going to Physical Therapy later today--I'm sure they'll be IMPRESSED--NOT!


Mary said...

The black looks really good with your prints -- I'm not surprised that you saw this somewhere else, it's basically a Rail Fence with a wider middle rail -- I'd made one years ago with a novelty print so they've been around for while in different versions. Thanks for sharing the link to mine!

QuiltSue said...

I love this quilt. Sorry about your knee though. I hope the Physical Terrorists weren't too horrible.