Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Look What I Found in my Scrap Drawer!

Usually, I put only smaller strips and pieces into a scrap drawer for crumb blocks, but I found these leftover African animal pieces.  I paired them up with crumbs and a bit of batik and at the far right lower corner is another batik that I think I'll border this piece and make it into a small quilt for Family Connections Center.
I dropped these quilts off the other day to the Family Connections Center and they are getting ready for a really big need for Sub for Santa.  Last year they serviced 1500 children and are expecting double that amount this year because of the economy.  I'm wondering how I can now turn my crumbs and other spare blocks into some quick children's quilts, but yesterday I just plain "stalled out".  I was sick of crumbs even though I made quite a stack and I was just a little loopy from lack of sleep from the night before, so I just simply quit sewing.  Today's another day and all I have planned is phyical therapy for about 1 1/2 hours so with a new day and a full night's sleep behind me, I just may make it to the sewing room to complete that top and sandwich it into a quilt.

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Kate said...

Patti - I do so much enjoy your blog - great quilts, a great balance of life/quilting... your community quilts are gorgeous - what a nice stack you took over!