Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Off on Another Tangent!

Sunday, I started playing around with some HST's that were in a drawer and I thought to make them into blocks to send to Sunshine Yahoo Group in December.  I still may use those three blue/yellow blocks for that, but then I found some other HST's left from another project and I started playing and making more blocks.  The lighter blue/yellow could be used in a quilt top, but then they could be too different from the other colors I'm finding.  I'll need to make some more 2.5 inch blocks and it seems like I'm finding darker colors.  We'll see how it turns out--maybe another quilt top and maybe just some blocks for Sunshine Lotto.  I have a month to play and no particular timeline or need to finish--just play!!!  Playing indoors is great when a blizzard is forecast for today and tomorrow in my corner of the world.


QuiltSue said...

Definitely sounds like a good time to play.

Carol E. said...

I played around with random blocks recently, too. Decided they would be my December lotto blocks, and they are already boxed up and ready to send! That pot luck theme is very handy.