Thursday, November 25, 2010


More blocks added and the pastel ones are set aside as I comb through my stash looking for fabric small pieces.  It's been an enjoyable process.  No timetable--no rush, just looking, cutting a few pieces and then sewing them together.  I think I'll make it into blocks 6 x 8 and add a border from that.  For now, I'll just look through and see what I can use.

I kept looking at this quilt and admiring it and than thinking I didn't really want to make 7 inch blocks.  But, the draw of the picture kept bringing me in and I decided if I did one block a day in 28 days I'd have the blocks done.  I found a box of some scraps I'd purchased sight unseen and found that I could use some of those.  Don't know if I can do the block a day thing as I comb through my stash I don't want to cut it unless it is a smaller piece.  But, I've got three done already and I'm getting to where the block is easier.  The block is made from 2" squares and 2.5 inch squares cut into HST's.

Each block looks unique and different from the rest, just by the choice of colors.  This is getting to be really fun.  ...and I even fixed the one backwards block in the lower right hand corner...isn't photography wonderful?  One can see a mistake so much easier!!!

A block I made for Block Lotto:

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QuiltSue said...

I love your block-a-day blocks, I immediately imagined them in a different setting and thought I'd like to do that - one day.