Monday, November 1, 2010

Wow! You Can See the Floor!

Functional it is!  I haven't spent lots of time decorating or repainting this room since we moved here.  It's a bedroom by all standards, but it is where I spend most of my time.  This weekend I finished up a few projects, such as the strips I'd cut for grandson's quilt
I now have eight 14.5 inch blocks made from the strips I'd cut--they'd been sitting on the floor on a large cookie sheet and I really didn't want to sew them, but they'd waited long enough.  I also have nine 8.5 inch blocks and enough green fabric to make them into 12.5 inc blocks when I find some off white fabric that will work for that--by that I mean non of the floral stuff I have will do.  So they are neatly put away in a drawer.

I have some fabric left from this project--the border fabric and I have the squares cut and put into a baggie to make a quilt similar to this when I'm ready:

That Sunnie Poppies Quilt is just the thing to use up most of the yard I had left from that small Sunnie Quilt above.

There's a drawer of scraps that I've started making crumb blocks from and have quite a stack already and this small drawer will yield lots of crumbs.  I worked until bored yesterday, I haven't made much of a dent, and I've not checked, but they could already have multiplied by now.

I even got a couple of blocks made for Block Lotto--see the link on the right hand side of my blog:

I had two pair of pants that were $10.80 that are now hemmed and a top that needed some repair is now in my closet.  For now, I feel very clean and orderly.  A box is ready to be mailed to Wrap A Smile and I have a few quilts to take to Family Connections and I've saved a few for whatever might be coming along.  I worked on a quilt top from 2.5 inch squares and have that almost ready to quilt and I have squares cut for the 30 black and gold 3.5 inch squares that will be made into a quilt also.  There is a gal at the salon where I go that would like a quilt, so I'll finish these two and see if she might like either of them--then--I have a commissioned quilt I'll be starting up a new "quiliting mess" for --but not this week.  I'm going to enjoy the clean for awhile!


QuiltSue said...

Very neat and tidy, just ready for a good day in there sewing.

Marianne@RuffHaven said...

Have fun messing it up again .
I've read the last few posts here and love all of your quilts. I wish I had more time to play in my sewing room.
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I just started blogging and it does feel good to receive comments.


Helen in the UK said...

Congrats on all your progress! Love seeing your tidy workspace too :)