Friday, December 31, 2010

Adjusting my life without my sewing machine!

Yesterday I made string blocks to get accustomed to my "other" machine--my trusty Featherweight!  My Bernina has been heating up, slowing down and generally acting like it is rebelling at all the work I've been putting it through.  So now, I've pulled out the Featherweight, cleaned it and started sewing.  I don't like the pedal as well as the Bernina and it sews much slower, but I've found a place for a walking foot and guess I'll order one.  My budget is spent, spent spent, so even repairing the Bernie will have to wait until late January or February.  I do hope it can be repaired.  As it flickered and died it looked like computer stuff to me! 

Breaking up is hard to do!!!

Remember this post Chandler's Quilt  I'm going to take the scraps and make a lap quilt for his best friend who was in a car accident earlier this year and is now home to begin physical therapy.  Need to get crackin'.   I'll put my quilt away for awhile while I get this one done.


Helen in the UK said...

Hope you'll soon 'bond' with your Featherweight as it sounds like you might be without your trusty machine for a while.

QuiltSue said...

I can only repeat what Helen said. I hope you're not without Bernie for too long.

Happy New Year.