Friday, December 17, 2010

Catching Up

One more quilt that was in my camera.  This was included in a bag of quilts going to Family Connections Center.
This was the stack of quilts taken yesterday to the family connections center.

Three more blocks and I'll have all 28 done for the quilt I'm making.  I may get to them tomorrow, and if not, they'll wait 'til after Christmas.  My sis is coming in on Sunday and I'll be taking her to Mom's and then I'll stay there too for maybe a couple of days before returning.


Kate said...

Hi PattiLou - what a wonderful stack of quilts for the Family Center... I just know they will be 'oh so grateful' to get them right before Christmas... someone will get love and warmth in your quilts!!


QuiltSue said...

What a wonderful gift, all those quilts going to people who need them, just ebfore Christmas.