Sunday, December 19, 2010

Into the snow and sleet I go...

The weather is warming up and should melt the snow we received yesterday--could be rain and then another storm behind it, but I'll be soon picking my sister up at the airport and then driving 3.5 hours to visit our mom.  She'll stay for awhile and I may stay for a couple of days, depending on the weather outlook.  I had my 28 blocks ready to take with me and the settings cut for that, but instead I think I'll take my book Great Expectations and read that in any wakeful moments that I seem to have around 3 a.m. or so. 

A little trepedation as I leave, as there is a history with the three of us and never know for sure how things will be...  That said, if I can stay calm, keep my mouth shut and the emotions stable, I think we'll have a great time.  My sis and I talk daily on the phone and laugh a lot--so I'm sure we can continue with our "java talks" in person.  It seems like Mom sometimes wishes for different outcomes for each of our lives--but each lives life the way it is meant to be and as I come to more of that realization, I can allow others the same that I wish for myself:  peace in the journey of life!

I'll be posting again sometime before Christmas.  Happy preparations to you all.


QuiltSue said...

Hope you had a safe trip and have a good visit.

Carol E. said...

I just read A Majority of Two's blog about not expecting perfection. I hope you enjoy and laugh through your imperfect Christmas! We'll all be doing the same.