Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Playing with Fabric is Just So Much Fun!

I love playing with fabric.  Strings especially are fun as they don't seem to go with the other strings, but when placed in a block they work.  It's just like magic to me.  Then when they are quilted, washed and softened up, I just get excited!  Simple pleasures!!!

I've been trying to get some scraps into some workable quilts to gift to the Family Connections Center.  These are a couple of the string quilts now complete.

Not to foget some of the 2.5 inch squares accumulating--now they are sewn into a quilt!  A little bit more white than I usually use for a donation quilt, as I don't know the kind of care they will receive.  So here's hoping someone will take tender care of this one.

The other day when donating to Freecycle, the gal responding is also working towards making quilts for Family Connections and she offered to quilt this one for me for only $20.  So, of course I took her up on the offer.  So glad to have someone take over that part for me.  However, since moving my quilting table and having more space, the free motion quilting on my machine seemed to go much easier!  I used a walking foot on the bright quilt above and then tried free motion on the darker one.  It was fun to be able to quilt again.  I still have two more quilts to finish up--and a couple of flimsies I may still get to.  Making the backs, however, does slow me up.  I really don't like figuring out what to use for a back, especially when I don't have quite enough fabric!!!

Jammies done and delivered!

Christmas program attended, though a bit too far away for a great picture!

Guess who kept us entertained while waiting for the program to start?!!!  Santa's Helper, indeed!

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Mary said...

Both string quilts look great! I cant believe how many different looks you can get with them too just changing the layout and/or colors.