Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Strays Now Corralled into UFO's for 2011

Quite simply--I spent yesterday combing through scraps from projects of 2010 and blocks started yet not completed to make my 2011 UFO List.  Some are folded and ready for quilting in the closet, but with all I have so far counted 23 projects that will take me through 2011 and maybe beyond. 

One particular goal this year is to start some dyeing and try that.  I have a project using batiks in mind that I would like to do for 2011 for myself--a set of wallhangings depicting the moon in various seasonal colors.  Beyond that, I'll work on my UFO's and try to spend less this year than last in quilting.  I have gone through my kitchen cabinets and we are making some food changes this year--mainly no hydrogenated oils, vegetable oils and sugar.  I'm hoping if I can supplement my diet with more veggie juices I'll have less craving for sugar and baked goods.  I've tried eliminating grains from my diet and that is a hard one for me--one who came into this life as a daughter of a baker.  So---I'll just try to increase veggies and hopefully the taste for commercial baked goods and products with the oils mentioned, I'll find that I can naturally decrease the offending foods.  Don't want to go into a lot of that here, since this is a quilting blog, but decreasing clutter whether food or fabric has some basic elements that are similar.

Today, I'm working on my 7" block quilt.
The blocks are set, the strips are pressed, trimmed and ready to add the coordinating panels.  The weather outside is frightful--winds, snow and cold, so I'll be staying in and sewing.  Glad we got the shopping done yesterday!

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