Friday, December 24, 2010


This past week, being snowed in for a few days at my mom's house--for me things stopped.  No internet, no newspapers and for two days we stayed indoors.  It was a beautiful quiet stop to the activities I had planned.  Mom still ran around in her Christmas frenzy and for me I again, got the verification of dropping out of that insanity. I loved the quiet and reflection.
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In my oppinion when the Twelve Day Cares below are implemented, truly all drummers, pipers, lords and ladies will have something real to drum, pipe, joyfully leap and dance about!

1. A majority of human citizens agree and support in signature that the necessity & basics of life (food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education & prison reform be provided free of charge to All citizens.
2. Majority demands that international laws against poverty be enacted either by popular vote or executive order making homelessness, hunger & starvation etc be illegal and considered crimes against humanity.

3. Governments, use and expand existing social programs and create new ones to provide life's necessities.
4. Technology is used to transform currently vast uninhabitable spaces (example: Las Vegas ) while leaving verdant areas & rain forests undisturbed.

5. Use public parks to grow and maintain fruit trees and build vegetable production courses as easily as golf courses.
6. Organize free clothing distribution outlets fed by personal donation and fashion industry manufacturing excess.
7. Establish worldwide health care insurance (already in place in many small and large countries).
8. Create a life based economy that eliminates the struggles and stress of existence will in turn eliminate crime, civil unrest, hopelessness and war, leaving greater happiness, peace and general equality.

9. Use the vast resources currently spent on war campaigns and other activities to directly benefit a human life based economy.
10. Wipeout & forgive all national debt.
11. Enact international anti-inflationary laws to control the flow and use of money.
12. Give humanity an opportunity to live happier than ever before.

    Make Comfort-for-the-Masses Everyday!

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