Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What I've Been Working On

After watching some quilting videos on YouTube, I decided I needed to change my sewing space, so I attacked my bookcase that was just there catching things.  I took the books from the top shelf, sorted through them, and then added them to the bookshelf in the office/computer room.  In their place, I added threads and things that were taking space on the far left of my quilting space.   I wish I had a "before" photo, but I don't.  I don't have lots of magazines now.  I sorted through the ones I liked and tore out all the pictures I won't be using.  I freecycled the leftovers of magazines and how to books that I'm no longer in need of.  I still need to file better the printouts from different pdf's I've saved--and I'll get to that later.  But, for now it's organized and not OVERWHELMING to me any more.  I can only handle so many ideas at once without going nuts, so this should help.  My sewing table is now flush to the wall so that I can machine quilt without the pull on the quilt as I work.  The box you see at the lower left is a box of batting I just recieved from JoAnn's latest sale.  I'm trying some different sizes rather than the roll of 45" wide. 

Progress on my 7" blocks.  I'm staying current on that one--after today I'll be half way through with those blocks.  Yesterday I got sideswiped by doing some string blocks and nearly completed a top that I think I can quilt without doing free motion quilting--that's where my machine slows down.

When DH offered to help me cut out the jammies--I decided I better get crackin'  Thursday is DGD's school program, so I need these finished by then.  Ohhhhh--I've been postponing these too long.  Thank goodness I don't have my home ec teacher watching over my using knives to secure the pattern--she'd have a coronary!!!  But with the fleece and with using the pattern multiple times, it's a godsend.

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