Monday, January 31, 2011

Brrrr! It's Cold Outside and I'm Feeling Hemmed In!

It's winter for sure!  The temperature has dropped and will drop even more.  We've got more winter, just when we had a breath of January thaw!  My sis left and went back home, and I'm a little in the dumps.  The quilting projects ahead of me FRANKLY look like work instead of fun.  I think this is called winter doldrums!

I did get my 4.5 inch blocks sewn into a Lasagna Quilt.   Although the strips are a bit wide, they are leftovers from two other quilts--one on my bed and one waiting for the quilter.

I had a strip of beautiful stars and I've pondered and wondered what to do with them without buying more fabric.  Finally, I decided to just offset that strip (I got it from Bev in Alaska's stash and they were already sewn into a strip).  I'll quilt it tomorrow and that will be the end of my marathon quilting that I signed up for on Stashbusters!  Well, it was a little marathon to welcome a prolific quilter, Gladys, back into quilting now that she has her new machine and some of us pledged to quilt alongside her in cyberspace!  I've also decided to box up the blocks that I really don't want to do and send of to her Iowa Pig Farm!  They'll be welcomed and made into quilts and they won't be sitting in my plastic tubs any more.  I need some fresh eyes, and new starts--got two projects from some neices over the weekend and I'll finish those and then take a rest.  I'm needing a change of pace!!!

The strippy quilt top.

Tomorrow--a new day!

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Helen in the UK said...

Love what you've done with the stars - simple, but VERY effective! I'm sure Gladys will have lots of fun with your piggy pieces and turn them into warm hugs :)