Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

As the clock ticks off to another year--humans continue to amass progress through that counting of time and accumlation of either stuff, accomplishments or other means of giving oneself value.

I would like to think I am different!  I'm not--just me--trying to make it through the world and the STUFF that seems to cloud ones view of True Reality. 

I'm not one for much partying on New Year's Eve.  My own personal timeclock doesn't seem to allow me to stay up much past 10.  Last night was no different.  There was a party I would have liked to go to, but DH started into a progression of sore throat--then severe coughing.  So, we didn't go and were in bed by 10.  Dare I say in the winter some nights it's even before then--but I digress.

Found this blog clutter busting and I find I like the way Brooks thinks!  I don't like making endless lists of things to do and feeling like a failure if I don't.  Life is more "open" for me as I journey through and just allow things to unfold.  I do have the general things I'd like: to be thinner, to be healthier etc.  But isn't that just life?  I'm not trying to control how life treats me, just my reactions to it--trying to be less involved with outcome and feeling peace and happiness from loving the perfectness of life's imperfections!  We are getting what we signed up for and each person's problems are just what they need for the growth/learning/experience that we said/thought/or planned from this life.  In short, that's my philosophy of life.  Life is a trip into the unknown and through it whatever we do as humans, we are trying to connect to our value.  I'm no different!

I have however due to a UFO Challenge on Stashbusters kept track of my quilting for 2010 and I was really surprised when I added my totals from my list.
UFO's to completion: 36
New projects to completion: 27
Wrap Them In Love from Helen's stash added to mine: 13
In Memory of Bev 7
Total Quilts for 2010: 83    4 of which were queen sized quilts  59 were donated to various organizations

During last year, while waiting for knee replacement surgery, I quilted a LOT!  This year I've a list of 23 or so UFO's I'd like to finish.  Maybe I will and maybe I won't--we'll see.  I can be a little more active now.  Hoping to be more active outside when summer comes. It helped me to just gather up the strays and package them--that helps a lot with the ADD I sometimes experience.  With my Bernie sewing machine on the fritz, I probably won't be getting as much done, but maybe I will.  I've always got new projects in my head and life won't be long enough to get them all done, but that is what it's all about:  THE JOURNEY!

Hoping that my readers have a great journey and experiences for growth and love and happiness in 2011.


Helen in the UK said...

What a fantastic list of accomplishments in 2010! Best wishes for an equally quilty 2011 :)

Mamen said...

Greetings from Spain

Carol E. said...

Great quilt totals! I'm very impressed.

QuiltSue said...

Well I knew you'd achieved a lot this year, but that's amazing.

Mamen said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog.
Sure, it would be valuable in other
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I'll be in touch, and look at your blog.
Kisses from Spain.