Sunday, January 16, 2011

Progess Comes in Small Increments!

This morning, I've finished a quilt and got it bound, and have another ready, but I'm just not kicking into gear.  I went back at what I'd done through the week and a rest is okay.  Rest keeps one ready for more.  If I get to that other quilt, okay.  If not, okay.  The weather outside is yucky--just overcast and no sun.  The kind of day that gets to me emotionally.  January---yuck!!!

Got Dream Catcher top finished.  I'm toying with the idea of quilting it myself.  Would like to try some feathers down the paisly strips.  But the whole thing is 68.5 inches wide which is a lot of quilt for my DSM.

I had 4 yards of fabric and thought it would be enough for the back--it wasn't, so I still had to piece it and got it cut before I realized I wanted it off center.  But that center piece is very close to the other fabric, so it'll work.  Not quite what I wanted, but in time, it won't bother me a bit!

Making backs is my most unfavorite part of the quilting process!  I'm starting to buy up some wide backs so I don't have to figure and stitch to make them work. 
Found some squares of white and then I searched for some yellow/blue and wanted to make pinwheels.  I added the border to make them 12.5 inches.  2 fat quarters gone!  The other two are some pieces I'd cut for another block and since they have blue in them I'll send them off for January Lotto.
Binding is done, and UFO #2 is now complete.  I pieced this in December.  Was going for a larger quilt, but stopped and made this.  apprx 5.5 yrds stash used for this one--donation quilt.

Finished this one this morning.  Most of the batiks I'd been trying to use up is now gone!  GONE!

I cut into a bolt of fabric I'd had for quite awhile--maybe two years or more.  Anyhow the colors seemed to compliment the strings quite well.  It is another donation quilt.

One more strings quilt finished and ready to donate.  I tried  meandering ferns from

I need more practice on that, but it's coming.


Cheri said...

Whoa, Girl, you have been working. You've got a lot done. I really like the Buckeye Beauty but it's all nice.

QuiltSue said...

There's some great quilts here, but the Buckeye Beauty has to be my favourite.

fabricpixie said...

Wow, that backing fabric is gorgeous! Recipient of this quilt will be certainly delighted.

warm quilt hugs, sue in CA

Mary said...

Love the batik strings -- I'm going to post a photo over at the HeartStrings site -- and link back to you, hope that's OK?