Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Quick Quilt top from Bev's Stash

I was lying on the bed in the spare bedroom and looked up into the closet and some some yellow in Bev's box. I pulled it down and quickly made a top from the cute little pastel bears.  There wasn't enough of the bear fabric to make more than 5 squares, so I made them into a simple large 9 patch.  I had just enough yellow to make the sashing.  I've got some pastel blue flannel for the back so it will make a cute quilt for Wrap Them in Love.  If I don't get my machine pretty quick, I'll have more tops than I'll want. 


Kate said...

what a cute top! Isn't it great how Bev is still going strong in all our work? I am going to Gail's house on Sunday to make tops from all the nine-patches!!! Kathleen from Sunshine

Pattilou said...

Thanks--she had the pattern and the blue floral to blend and I had just enough yellow in the right tone to blend. So--I have a yellow/blue combination for a January quilt for WTIL--thanks to Bev!

Have fun Sunday! I'm jealous I can't be there with you all.