Saturday, January 15, 2011

What Makes a Stash?!!

Yesterday DH asked me if collecting fabric was addictive?  Let me explain.  He came in from excercising and saw my stack of fabrics I'd been cutting from this week.   ...okay, I'm lazy I hadn't put them away yet.  My cutting table is my kitchen counter and I'd just moved everything over to the table so I could sandwich a couple of quilts.
I assured him that yes, it is addictive to collect fabric, but although I'd been bitten I wasn't as addictive as many quilters.  I assured him that this year I was only purchasing what I needed to finish quilts I am working on.  I've only purchased 3 bolts in my career as a quilter.  One was muslin--it's now gone, one was plain white fabric--a super fine white muslin and another a find of 16 yards I bought on ebay about 2 years ago.  I finally cut into that yesterday.  It's the backing for a string quilt.  Now that it's cut into, I can probably find more uses for it.  I never did get around to the purpose I bought that for--maybe someday....

But, this morning I found this site of pictures of an estate sale of a lady who had lived alone and collected fabric.  She who dies with the most fabric wins???

I'll clearly never win that title.  My stash is probably medium sized, comparitvely,  It's mostly in 5 plastic bins--two large and three small.  I have some in a dresser and some scraps in various shoe box sized boxes and a small portable rolling type plastic thingee.

So, quilters--how much stash do you have?


Helen in the UK said...

WOW and double WOW!!!! That lady had more fabric than I've seen in any quilt shop!!! I certainly hope she enjoyed buying and collecting it. Would have been fun to be at the estate sale ... hope those fabrics now get a chance to be made into some wonderful things. My own stash is minimal, but I'm still managing to make a lot of donation quilts out of it :)

Cheri said...

That is a LOT. I have too much for one person but I try to share and have a goal to make a bunch up fast this year. I haven't bought anything for almost a year except some pins, a quilting foot and some rotary blades.

QuiltSue said...

Good grief!