Friday, February 25, 2011

Dyeing is SO MUCH FUN!

There was a box of dyes lurking in my sewing room.  Actually when I opened it, the receipt from Dharma Trading Co. showed a date of May of 2009!  I've been meaning to try dyeing since then!  I signed up for a class from Marjie McWilliams on     As it turned out I couldn't do the classes as outlined, but I downloaded the instructions and yesterday I did Lesson 1 in Cotton Dyeing Basics.

This is red:


Note: the second run is always lighter than the first run as the dye goes to the first piece in more concentration.


Just for fun, I put some fabric into the blue 2nd run then added yellow to it.  This is what came from that experiment:

I may try to add more green at another dyeing session.  But, right now, it would make a cool sky!

This fabric was from a purchase and was ordered online.  The color was a bit too mellow.  Added it to the red that was left.

 And then just for fun, I tried a piece of pink I'd purchased online but wasn't crazy about.
Now I love it!!! ...several processes later!

I've played with Rit dyes for my clothes.  Now with some instructions and Prion dyes, I can play and record the recipes!  Next time, I'll cut a sample of purchased fabrics for the before and after.  Will also buy a notebook to keep track of what I've done!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Batting is Taking Over It's Designated Corner of the Closet!

Looking for batting, I was attacked!  Decided to start using those smaller pieces, so I put together this UFO and finished it.  Why was it a UFO?  It needed just a bit of something and I found the cutest fabric to finish it up!  I still have a few pieces of batting, but I stitched a few bigger pieces together, folded them neatly and took inventory of those pieces!  Need to use them up as I have a huge roll of Warm and Natural that came a couple of weeks ago.  90" wide--never bought it that big before!  It should last me quite awhile.
This little pink number will become a donation quilt.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm Coming Up for Air Soon!

I've been in a quilting frenzy and finished two more--attended my niece's last basketball game this morning and sadly they lost, but I came home and finished this quilt a few minutes ago.

Started making my two strips of African string blocks into a donation quilt, but couldn't quite part with the fabric.  This was the last two strips of African Fabric that I bought several years ago.  I've made it into several quilts I've given away, but this one is staying with me--on my stairwell for now!  It's bright and I love it.
Hubby figured out how to use the light bulb changing tool we have into a quilt hanging gizmo too!  He hooked a cut wire hanger onto the end and I had a dowel across the top in the back and the two together worked wonderfully.  Now I can change quilts whenever I feel a need to get a new view!

This quilt started out as a cavas with the painting onto a dyed and frayed canvas.  Originally, I was going to piece a backing, but when I had the fabric out for another quilt, I decided to just use it for this piece.  I quilted it in lengthwise lines and even made the back so that I can use it if I would like a change.  I stitched the canvas onto the quilt with invisible thread.

It covers a light switch, but I don't care--don't have much wall space with our open floor plan living, eating area!  I'm so glad to get this wallhanging completed!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Checking in then out!

My computer keeps turning off after it's been on for awhile.  So I'll be taking it in to the dealer and guru and see if he can fix it!  Probably take a couple of days.  I did want to post my lastest little quilty thing--mug rugs!
I joined a swap and this was my first mug rug to be sent off today in fact:
I've seen some from the pictures with nearly perfect binding--can't get mine to be quite that perfect!  But I really had fun with this one!

The next one was a block from a quilt class that I took on NY Beauty Blocks.  This is my second block and probably my last!  I listed these in my UFO list, but I'm taking the strips I've cut and I'll try something else.  Paperpiecing and me just don't mix!  Life is too short.  I love how they look, but I'm so dyslexic I'm picking the seams out all the time--and that paper on the back!  Even damp, I hate it!  I tried forcing it--don't like the finish, so DH has a mug rug now.

So next I took the charms pack of coffee fabric I'd purchased online and made this: 

So this one and the top one and a couple of cute fat quarters are winging their way to Norway!
These darn things are getting addictive!  ...and I still have some 2.5 inch pieces that will make their way into more mug rugs!  These rugs finish out at 10" by 6".  Here is a flicker site with some fun pictures of mug rugs for this particular swap. Flickr group

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Christmas Quilt-a-long in February!

I've had three of these fabrics for quite awhile--always thinking to make a Christmas Wallhanging!  Well, today is the day!  Head on over to HERE if you would like to join in.  There is also a link on my main page.  The fun is the second Saturday of every month.  No pressure and who knows--I may get my own Christmas Wallhanging!  (Let's see, I can't even remember how many I've made through the years, but now it's my turn!)

Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite!

Got a new quilt done.  This isn't a UFO and it was fun to work on something fresh!  It's now complete and ready for donation.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Star is Rescued!

This star block I'll admit wasn't my favorite!  I didn't like the colors and the size was odd.  It wasn't a square and not much of a rectangle either.  I had it in a box to sent to Gladys over at the Iowa Pig Farm who takes orphans and makes them into quilts.  Then yesterday, I spotted some bright purple that would possibly work.  Not sure about the results.  The star is pointy and the flowers seem soft and the green although it matches seems a bit stark in the photo.  Up close though it isn't as unrelenting.  But, I've quilted it and will sent it to Wrap Them in Love in Memory of Bev as the center block was in the box shipped to me from her stash.  Isn't there something somewhere about new wine in old bottles--sometimes new cloth with old blocks just isn't the best use of time, but then who's to say, it is a bright quilt with the bright magenta backing and it washed up warm and snuggly.

Another ABC quilt done.  I cut the ABC blue after doing a quilt Monday and then last night, I just mindlessly sewed the squares into rows.  Fabrics used so far in UFO's 52.7 yards.  Total yards used: 63.32

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Playing with Color!

Yesterday I finished making blocks from the lavender strips that I had.  With a variation, I had enough for a kid sized quilt.  I'll figure out a border later.

While playing with strings, I decided to try some color combos using a lime green as suggested for February, March over at Heartstrings.

Came up with this fun kid sized quilt top.
With the bugs in the print--I think it could aptly be called, "Don't let the bedbugs bite."

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Whaahoo! Table Topper is Completed!

I've really needed something fresh in my kitchen and now I've completed the table topper and placemats I actually started in November Christmas Quilt Along
  and placemats

Lots of corners on these, but they are Done! Done! Done!

How Do You Spell Fun...DANCING!!

Oh, I wish I had a picture of the vocalist for a dance we attended last night!

But, from his website I captured this

See below for a photo link to his archives of his Valentine suit.

Picture red hearts on a white background made into a suit!  He had so much fun performing that the dance hall sparkled with his enthusiasm! 

We made a decision about 4:30 yesterday afternoon to go south about 1 1/2 hours away to a community dance.  It was held at a senior center and many were seniors.  I loved watching them as well as dancing.  DH and I haven't been dancing for simply years.  I got rather winded at doing the fast dances, but there were chairs to rest on and good friends around the tables to visit with.  We had a wonderful time.  Next week there will be a band, and we will again make the trek!  Don't know if we can do this every week, but it was great to go and have so much fun.  It perked me up for some quilting today!   ...Oh I do wish I'd taken a camera!  Found one on Tony's Web Site HERE

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I've become too much of an adult!  Watching children, there usually isn't "finish" in their vocabulary.  They play.  My UFO list has gotten into my brain and "finish" has become the mindset and yesterday I switched that.  I PLAYED!  I PUTTERED!  I mindlessly just worked on several things as if at once.

A couple of things turned into more than three.  This is my cutting table at the end of the day:

Do you see some fun colors and fun things there!  I do.  First, I took two 12.5 inc blocks and made them into placemats.  No-o-o-o they are NOT finished, but they are ready to back and make into something to go with a table topper I was quilting when I ran out of thread--the thread arrived probably two weeks ago and I still haven't gotten back to it...  maybe soon!

The next thing, I found some fun African fabric I purchased to finish a quilt.  I decided to make it into a wallhanging for my sewing room.  The walls are bare in there and I've decided to decorate it with wallhangings--nothing matching--just things and colors I LOVE!!!

Played with some itty bitty squares I'd been saving and came up with a possible mug mat.

Pulled out this fabric and began cutting it for that wallhanging I'd been promising myself for over two years.  I've already started some pinwheels for it and have save some very fun fabric.  Not that any of this is world turning with snow covering most of the US and war in Egypt--I escaped into my own little world.
...And I watched Les Miserables twice--now ready to part with it and send it back to Netflix.  My doldrums have vanished and I'm ready to face the dentist today!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blank Wall in Hall is Now Filled

This isn't the greatest picture because of where the quilt is hanging--in my hall and I'm so glad to have that bare space filled.  When I took down the Christmas Wallhanging, I didn't have anything to fill the space.  Now I do!  UFO # 8.  Yardage used to date for UFO's: 40.2 and total yardage used so far this year: 50.82.