Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm Coming Up for Air Soon!

I've been in a quilting frenzy and finished two more--attended my niece's last basketball game this morning and sadly they lost, but I came home and finished this quilt a few minutes ago.

Started making my two strips of African string blocks into a donation quilt, but couldn't quite part with the fabric.  This was the last two strips of African Fabric that I bought several years ago.  I've made it into several quilts I've given away, but this one is staying with me--on my stairwell for now!  It's bright and I love it.
Hubby figured out how to use the light bulb changing tool we have into a quilt hanging gizmo too!  He hooked a cut wire hanger onto the end and I had a dowel across the top in the back and the two together worked wonderfully.  Now I can change quilts whenever I feel a need to get a new view!

This quilt started out as a cavas with the painting onto a dyed and frayed canvas.  Originally, I was going to piece a backing, but when I had the fabric out for another quilt, I decided to just use it for this piece.  I quilted it in lengthwise lines and even made the back so that I can use it if I would like a change.  I stitched the canvas onto the quilt with invisible thread.

It covers a light switch, but I don't care--don't have much wall space with our open floor plan living, eating area!  I'm so glad to get this wallhanging completed!

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Cheri said...

Love, love, love the wall hanging. And using the strings that way in the strip quilt is such a good idea. Both beautiful.