Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Star is Rescued!

This star block I'll admit wasn't my favorite!  I didn't like the colors and the size was odd.  It wasn't a square and not much of a rectangle either.  I had it in a box to sent to Gladys over at the Iowa Pig Farm who takes orphans and makes them into quilts.  Then yesterday, I spotted some bright purple that would possibly work.  Not sure about the results.  The star is pointy and the flowers seem soft and the green although it matches seems a bit stark in the photo.  Up close though it isn't as unrelenting.  But, I've quilted it and will sent it to Wrap Them in Love in Memory of Bev as the center block was in the box shipped to me from her stash.  Isn't there something somewhere about new wine in old bottles--sometimes new cloth with old blocks just isn't the best use of time, but then who's to say, it is a bright quilt with the bright magenta backing and it washed up warm and snuggly.

Another ABC quilt done.  I cut the ABC blue after doing a quilt Monday and then last night, I just mindlessly sewed the squares into rows.  Fabrics used so far in UFO's 52.7 yards.  Total yards used: 63.32


QuiltSue said...

I think you made good use of the orphan block there.

Carol E. said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! That star quilt turned out beautiful!

Deborah said...

congratulations on your rescued block -a really creative use of this one.