Friday, March 18, 2011

Back to Reality!

After a wonderful retreat and many mind expanding ideas, I returned home to a lot of stray fabrics.  I wish I'd have taken a before photo of all of them in my sewing room--but I didn't.

I decided to comb through my stash and take all the panels and really easy donation stuff and make it into tops--I got a whopping 5 from those, two from my own purchase and 3 from Bev's stash.  They are now flimsies and have gone into "THE BOX" for next year.  I'm putting them in the basement--out of sight out of mind, so that I can concentrate on the Ricky Tim's hand dyed fabric I bought for wallhangings.  (can't wait to attack that!)

The things I took to the retreat, I'll work on a little each day and get those done! This is the quilt I finished upon arriving home:

The next thing I did was look at my scrap drawer--it was stuffed!  So, I decided to just "make fabric" --that's what I call making crumb blocks.  I've already made two flimsies from some of the crumbs--but they are also in "THE BOX" for next year.  But, here is a photo of the remaining crumb blocks I made:

This is the drawer I keep my scraps.  It's organized into partially finished crumb blocks and stacked by color/type for future scraps.

With my mind now off the UFO's I've stashed into "THE BOX" for next year, I can concentrate on the projects I want to work on.  I have 5 UFO's named for this year to complete, (one is at the quilter's) and the rest I'll complete myself.   Three projects I'm currently working on that may become next year's UFO's and a couple of NEW projects I want to complete in 2011.  With a whopping 18 projects taken to the basement in "THE BOX" my mind feels freed of all the clutter and I can enjoy studying Quilting in the Limelight by Philippa Naylor, spending more time planning and cooking more healthy meals, walking and biking and working in the yard.  As spring approaches, I think I'm ready with priorities and desires--ready to take them to reality! to get the house ready for weekend company and NO quilting.

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