Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Absolutely Loving What I'm Doing!

In the course of my quilting journey, donation quilts has been a huge part.  I've done many already this year and I sort of "speed sew" those.  My departure has been for this project I've not quite known what to do with.  I fell in love with the fabric I saw about 3 years ago in a small fabric store in Salt Lake City.  I purchased the panel, not knowing what to do with it.  I cut into it for a mug rug recently and once that first cut was made, I was freed up to cut into it more and start my very own wall hanging for my studio!  The pinwheels had been made, the fabric selected and stored in a baggie and this has now become UFO #16 finished for this year.
This is the final project, now complete:
I layered this onto Thermore by Hobbs, which is Ultra-Thin by their words.  After using it, I think I still prefer the 80/20 cotton poly blends, but I still have enough of the Thermore for a vest or jacket quilting project that I intend doing later this year.

This quilt was quilted using Sulky invisible thread on the top for the most part.  I did use a polyester thread around the quilters to do the outline stitch.

The pinwheels tended to bulge out a bit, so after outline stitching I added a circular stitch around the pinwheel that helped lay it down better.  I rinsed the quilt and then dried it a bit in the dryer before blocking it out on the counter.  I also sprayed it with starch before going to bed, and this morning I sprayed the back a bit too.

This is a shot of the back.  It is a fine white muslin type fabric that I purchased by the bolt.  This quilting took in the process of three days time.  It was quite intense, so I left it and I also had other things going on too, so this worked into the free moments.

I've named this quilt: "These Are a Few of My Favorite Things."  (flowers and all things associated with quilting)
I'll be hanging it today using this process  Last night it snowed with a really wet spring snow here in Utah, so we didn't venture any farther than the closest Wal-Mart which didn't have this product, so I'm hoping I can find it today at Ace.

This is a shot of another UFO completed.  I purchased this whole fabric hoping to practice quilting on it.  But, my life has taken me to practicing on donation quilts.  So, this piece with borders added is now either a donation quilt or a table cloth, as I had originally intended and while quilting it that's what my DH invisioned, so for now it will go into the closet and I'll decide next fall as it is really a beautiful fall fabric.

Moda Fabric circa 2007

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