Friday, March 4, 2011

My Computer's Back!

It's been a week since I took my computer in for some minor repairs.  Mostly it was overheating and turning off.  It seems fine now and is running faster and I'm a happy camper!

I finished this quilt this week:

I was going to take it to the salon where I get my hair done and see if I could sell it to one of the gals there who wanted an autumn quilt--but I changed my mind.  I loved the paisley quilting design that Judy used and it just looked great on the railing in my living room, so it stays.  I'm less inclined to part with those that I hand stitch the binding on. 

I counted yesterday and I have 8 quilts ready for quilting in the closet.  Most are sandwiched and ready to go--just need to be in the right mood to quilt them! 

I also spent some time cutting some kits.  One in particular I'll be taking to Moab next week for a retreat.  I can hardly wait to sew it--it's a batik in mostly purple shades--gorgeous!!!  I made a sample block and it's going to be fun.  I may take some of my sandwiched quilts there too, as it is two days of anything goes working on UFO's.  The ladies attending, I've never met.  I'm getting excited to return to Moab and also meet some new people.  I miss spring in Moab.  It's been rainy and drizzly here and from the weather accounts, it is warmer and more sunny there.  It's been an experience to move after retirement.  There's not work to connect you to people and sometimes I just feel too young to go to the senior's outings.  Many of the people we've met there don't remember us the next time we get together--so I wonder if there is a place for us??? But, we have each other, and our children are closer and DH's mother has an independent living facility that allows her an apartment and some independence and it is only 10 minutes from here.  In Moab, there was nothing like that for her--so we're here!  Quit whining, Pat!  Thank goodness for my sewing machine and computer!  I love checking out the quilting groups I belong to each day and I spend time checking out others' blogs!  The computer has changed life for lots of people.

Didn't get to any dyeing this week--hope to next week.  Itching to try some chartreuse that I purchased and I have a tank top and a blouse I want to try it on!

Puttered around with some scraps of green and made these for Sunshine's Monthly Lotto.
I love doing this lotto.  One of each of a pair of blocks goes to the lotto and the other goes to make quilts for Sunshine which in turn goes to either Wrap A Smile or Wrap Them in Love.  It's a win win for me, because sometimes I have leftovers from other quilts as in the black and white and green and I just don't want to make another quilt--so I find enough to make a few blocks and donate them to Sunshine.  Fun! Fun!

DH cleaned the carpet this week too!  Soon we'll need to figure out what to do--thinking of making a trail through the house with tile--mostly through the hallway and the computer room/office and maybe my sewing room.  I don't like how the carpet wears so unevenly where there is traffic--and goodness there is only two of us!  The thing that really makes me not want to do that is having to change the paint first!!

Enough of my rambling--off to read the paper and have another cup of Java!  Have a great day and enjoy!

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