Monday, March 14, 2011

Switching Gears!

During the past three weeks some things have transpired that when contemplating about them, seem like they are pulling me in a direction to switch gears.  I'm growing tired of cranking out quilts--throwing blocks together, free motion quilting them and then machine binding them.  It has seemed like I've turned so many corners in binding, and so quickly, that I'm growing very tired of the process!

This past weekend, I attended a retreat sponsored by Fabric Arts Studio of Grand Junction, CO.  I felt revived and renewed and even though it was as UFO retreat, I learned much from the gracious quilters that attended!

This is the location--even though I snapped this as we left, you get the idea of the gorgeous scenery and setting:

A View from our room as I was arising Saturday morning:


So close to the Colorado River!
...And the weather was gorgeous--70 degrees!

Didn't get many shots of the quilters and I don't want to spoil the workmanship of those working toward presenting in a show.

These are some blocks I got finished.  I was quite bored piecing them--had them precut and forgot how I placed them and made odd numbers of some, so I'll be changing how I use them.  I'm thinking of using the above blocks in a wallhanging, or maybe I'll make more strips and vary the way I assemble them for a quilt.  Not yet sure.

These are from some leftovers of DGD's quilt last summer.  I'm liking playing with these blocks.

and this one:

Now for the contemplative thoughts.  If I venture into making more "art" quilts and I use that term loosely as I'm not sure quite yet what that means exactly for me, I'll be making some space by finishing up the UFO's I've listed and start on some other projects I outlined for 2011 and in the process, continue dyeing fabrics and looking toward what I can do.  I was very impressed with an interview by Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson on the Quilt Show of Philippa Naylor.  She showed a process on a pastel color doing Trapunto Design. I've always admired Trapunto, but then I got her book and it was here when we arrived home.

WOW!  Could I use Trapunto with my hand dyes??!!!  Now my brain is really working and I'm starting to get excited about a new way for me to quilt. do I finish up with all my projects first or do I jump into this process??  Knowing me, I'll probably process for awhile while finishing up the things I started, especially the quilt I was trying to quilt at the retreat, but the thread kept breaking because it was supported enough at the table I was using.  I'm going to spend some time really sinking into the processes explained in this book and keeping notes.  There may be fewer entries in my blog.  Time will tell!


Kate said...

There's a quote: you will never reach a new place until you let go of where you are........... or something like that...

Jump in with both feet!! Pack those UFO's up in a box and put them on a shelf for a bit - I promise they won't disappear...

Enjoy your new inspiration!

Pattilou said... I was finishing the quilting on that quilt yet undone, I thought, "I ought to just put the things that are driving me crazy into a box and but them downstairs--out of sight and out of mind and just forget them for awhile."

Thanks for the advice, Kate! I'll be doing just that! (as soon as I get my taxes done!)

judith lockhart said...

I understand fully! As I've tried to finish some UFOs this past year, they just aren't fun and it's just trying to get them finished for the sake of completion. One reason we get so many UFOs is because something new comes that grabs our attention but I say go for it and enjoy the new while it's on your mind - the UFOs will always be there for waiting for you.

Rita said...

Hi Pat,
Very nice to meet you at the retreat. Perhaps next year again? It was so fun, wasn't it. Rita