Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tiny Rosebuds with a Bold Look

I had some fabric from Helen's stash from Wrap Them in Love, and wondered just what I'd do with it.  I also had some 9 patches from another quilt I'd done for Wrap a Smile with Bev's stash and I got the idea when I saw the two get thrown together as I was going through some other fabric.  An idea was born...and this quilt is the product of that idea.
Anyone as old as me, probably remembers lots of fabric that had tiny rosebuds in it.  When I was a teenager, I thought it "old fashioned".  It still brings memories of wallpapered bedrooms that were cold because the heat didn't quite get there.  The lime green adds a bit of a new twist to the fabric--sort of old meets new.  The back was picked from my lime green fabrics.

Last week in my cleaning up of strays, I decided to just sew a border around some fabric.  I'm not sure if it's for a boy or a girl--my daughter had lots of blue and the images in this quaint quilt seem more feminine to me.  But, it is now complete and ready for donation.

The backing completes the fabric I bought for a quilt for a grandson.  It is the third quilt done from this fabric and the tiny bits left from this will probably be used in either string blocks or crumb blocks.  Again, I just didn't spend a lot of time making more blocks from this as it was a ufo because I was weary of the fabric! 

A couple of years ago my sis thought maybe she'd like to quilt.  So I cut lots of squares up for her to begin a quilt.  But, I got them back about a month ago, they are now in a sandwiched quilt and I hope to quilt it soon.  With that and the rosebud quilt, my ufo list grew to 26 items.  I now only have 5 more to go.  So far this year I've used 91.3 yards of stash in UFO's and the total for all my quilting this year is at 117.1 yards.  That's a lot of fabric!


Helen in the UK said...

LOVE the 9patch - good combination of modern and tradition! HUGE CONGRATS on your fabric useage already, that's a whole lot of quilty hugs :)

Carol E. said...

I haven't been here in a while, and it was fun to catch up. I like the Bev/Helen quilt! I'm impressed with all the UFO finishes. When did you number them all? Are these just what you've finished in 2011?? 21 already?