Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Sewing

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The weekend is here and I've got a cold or something....urgh!  But, I'm trying to sew together some squares into a split nine patch block.  Nothing exciting--just trying to use up some 3.5 inch squares and fabric I've used in other quilts and I'm oh so tired of most of the pieces--but I think it will come together in a warm patchy quilt for donation.
 The working area.   ...and the blocks I've finished so far and then I've added the completed top.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Around and Back

This quilt started as a gift to my sister.  She received a machine and thought maybe she'd like to quilt.  For her birthday, I cut the pieces for the Goose Creek PatternThis year when she visited, she brought the pieces back, knowing she would never do them, she thought maybe I would finish them into a quilt.  Well that quilt is now done:

 As I sewed these together I enjoyed the pastels and knowing she would like some variety and some spring colors added to her quilt collection, it is now ready for me to send back to her.

Monday, April 25, 2011

My New Mantra...

No matter how cute the panel...BUY NO MORE!  I've had it with the cute panels I've purchased and then trying to figure out how to quilt them.  This one has been half finished and hanging in my closet with my fabric bins and yesterday evening after this:
and this:
And this:
and a little of this:

I took a nap--then found this panel and finally finished the quilting and today I bound it.  I'm not liking the binding--put it on a bit too tight, but it is done and okay for a future holiday.  I won't have to hurry up in my fall quilting spree to finish up this cute panel but not so awesome quilt.
No more more more panels!  But it is done, done done and UFO #24 for the year!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Quilting is an Earth Friendly Pass Time!

When I started quilting --I mean really quilting--it was 1997 and we had just downsized and moved to a smaller place.  I had brought with me fabrics I thought I could quilt with.

I thought * notice I said thought!  I thought I could use up my scraps in a quilt and be done!  Looking back I almost laugh out loud!  I really thought I could use up all my scraps in a quilt.

Scraps accumulate--quilters are constantly using up and making something useful from scraps.  This is a quilt top that I recently put together from strings and scraps and the foundation for some of the string blocks is from my graduation dress lining.  I had previously used the eyelet on another quilt that I have since given away, but I had a full skirt of still very good broadcloth that I used for the foundation for this quilt top:

The strings were from leftover blocks and quilts and the stars are leftovers from the binding strips  I've used recently.  This top will go towards Margaret's Hope Chest

Here's another top I found and will send, this one made from "crumbs" of leftover quilts along with some "new" pink from the LQS to make it more girl friendly:

So, one could say that quilters really are earth friendly!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

This One's for DH!

Using up all the leftovers on Grandson's quilt:

Left enough for one for Hubby:

I actually bought some border fabric for this to extend the size.  I then had to decide whether to add it upside down at the top so that it faces you or right side up so that when you look at the quilt they are both up right.  I finally opted for the first one, and I'm still not sure.  Guess that is the last time I'll buy a directional border print.  Anyhow hubby really likes it so it will be his!

Friday, April 15, 2011

How I Prepare A Quilt Sandwich Without Spray Glue or Hairspray!

Being allergic to many things, I've figured out a way that I can prepare my quilts for my DSM (domestic home machine) without using any Basting Spray--highly toxic, or Aqua Net--who can stand that smell???

Anyhow, through the last year, with so many quilts I've quilted on my sewing machine, I've just fine tuned this process and I thought I'd share it.

Spray Starch Recipe I use:  (Changed from an online recipe)
1 qt distilled water
1/4 cup Vodka
1 tsp Lavender oil or Lemon Oil or whatever is your favorite
5-10 drops of another oil that would blend.  I usually use lemon and lavender oil together.
1/2 cup liquid starch
Mix together in a quart bottle and transfer to a plastic spray bottle.  Hair product bottles are perfect as they spray in a very fine mist.

At this point, the quilt is pinned and ready to be taken to the sewing machine to quilt as desired.  I usally shake it out and get it ready to lay out on the machine.  I take the folds out so that it will feed smoothly as I free motion quilt.

After a question, I'm adding this as a review. 

After I sew the backing together to get the size needed, (if it needs it), I press the joining seam open, then starch that seam. I then turn the fabric over so that it is the right side of the fabric that I will now starch (the fabric that will slide through on the bed of the machine) and spray starch it as much as possible. The stiffer it is the better it glides.

Then I take it to the countertop and lay wrong side up and then add the precut batting. Smooth and press with hands.

Then add the top. This is where I use the iron again and starch the top as I press. If there is any batting that is "short" of the top--this is where I press the iron on tape to the extra batting to add length or width. (I really
like to use full pieces, but I'm also a nut about not letting my scraps get away from me--especially when I'm doing donation quilts.)

Press (now with the iron) all wrinkles out from the top-- with the batting inthe middle and the backing on the bottom). The sandwich and the batting will start to cling to the backing.

Start the pinning process. Fold as you go, smoothing again with your hands and checking the back for puckers along the way.

I just did another kid sized quilt and this whole process took about 20 minutes or less. I've got it on the machine now.

So, I guess you could say I spray them separately and then together too. I wash after quilting, and binding,so all the starch washes out.

Hopefully this is clear.  Maybe I need to redo this tutorial.  Let me know!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Does It Seem Like More of the Same to You?

As I work with my stash it seems that it leans alot to one color family: BROWN/RUST/GOLD
Here's the picture of my latest finish:   (It's a bit hard to get the true colors and a bit hard for DH to hold as it measures 65 x 85 inches.)
Since it is for my home, it is in the Bronze/Rust tones as they seem to be predominant in the quilts I make for my home.  This line was collected by me when I started with making a table runner for my mother a couple of years ago. The price of the fabric in the LQS was $9.  It was a "Laurel" Series by Moda and it ran out quickly.  I had some scraps left and eventually the line ended up on Thousands of Bolts and it was at a good price, but I OVER-bought!!!  (I'm still learning on that one, but getting so-o-o-o much better!)

After making a quilt for my bed, I needed a few more pieces to make a border on a quilt I'd made and decided to add borders and make it bigger--as in queen sized. 
After proving to be a bit lightweight, I eventually bought an off-white quilt with light blue embroidery to off-set all the bronze and then used this quilt as a quilt, rather than a bedspread.

Okay--enough of the story.  I'm adding more variety to my stash as I use up the seemingly endless supply of bronze toned fabric.  I'm learning that unless I'm buying for a specific use--3/4 yard is a good sized "buy".

The newly finished quilt is from a pattern, "Dream Catcher," in McCall's Quilting, Sep/Oct 2010 issue and a pattern designed by Marcie Patch.  I thought the pattern would lend itself to my scraps and it did.  It's more monochromatic than hers, but it has successfully used up the biggest portion of these fabrics.  In fact, I needed to buy some binding so that I could add some red to the quilt.  These close-ups show the quilting (by Judy, my quilter) and the smaller blocks within the quilt.

For now, it's  back to some UFO's--I have 4 of my list left and then I'll be onto a wall hanging group that I'm very anxious to work on!  With the completion of this quilt the yardage used for UFO's so far this year has been 101.9 Yards and the total yardage used so far this year is 120.1 Yards!  ...Now that is a lot of fabric!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Trying to be Spring Here!

The weather is bleak and trying to bring in some snow.  I've hurt my back and can't sit at the machine.  All in all, it's one of those bleak and dreary days.  Promises of warm survive the snow and remind us that warm weather will follow. 


Monday, April 4, 2011

And the Winner Is...

Gale Yawn.  Gale wrote:
Pattilou, I love your blog and am impressed with the pictures of all your quilts! I'd love to win this fabric as it would be perfect for a bed runner for my bedroom.

She has a blog, but not much posting for while.  Maybe she'll get the bug to start posting again.
Gale's Blog
As soon as I hear from Gayle, I'll send her the fabric and maybe she can play with some new fabric!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where Do All the Scraps Go?

Many of you have wondered how I could part with my leftovers. 

Let me give you a visual!

First was the quilt for Granddaughter:
Next came the leftover quilt:
Then came these:

...and these:

If you look closely, you'll see the small 1.5 inch blocks from the Nostalgia collection.  I've completed a top from the first set--the one with the 9 patches in the center of each block.  I've saved some 1.5 inch squares to make a quilttop from the above block.

...So you see I'm really ready to let things go!  Don't forget to sign up for the give-away.  Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. MDT.
Big surprise:  My quilter brought by a quilt I've been waiting for.  Can't wait to get it bound so I can share it here!  Until Monday--happy weekend!

Friday, April 1, 2011

We All Goof Up!

These were listed for my first give away!  I heard from many and many I can't respond to because of  "no-reply" blogger.  So if you haven't heard from me, you aren't listed in the giveaway yet.  So, please email me. 

Also, for me a big goof--the "recipe" can be found here: Counting-by-fives so even if you don't win the fabric, you can join in the win by getting your own free pattern.  It looked like lots of fun to me and I printed off the first page and put it with my fabric so I wouldn't forget what to do with that honey bun.  Of course, if you have a honey bun waiting around for some project--this is perfect!  Or you can make your own honey buns by cutting 1.5 inch strips!

Have a great day.

One more thing--I'll draw for this at 9 a.m. mountain time on Monday, April 4.
Good luck and thanks for all the kind words everyone sent.  This has really been a fun surprise to me.  Didn't know so many would be interested in my leftovers!  I'll scour my house for more--soon.  The garden needs tending too.  But, I've got some things to share.  Spring does that to me, I start wanting to clear up spaces!!