Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Does It Seem Like More of the Same to You?

As I work with my stash it seems that it leans alot to one color family: BROWN/RUST/GOLD
Here's the picture of my latest finish:   (It's a bit hard to get the true colors and a bit hard for DH to hold as it measures 65 x 85 inches.)
Since it is for my home, it is in the Bronze/Rust tones as they seem to be predominant in the quilts I make for my home.  This line was collected by me when I started with making a table runner for my mother a couple of years ago. The price of the fabric in the LQS was $9.  It was a "Laurel" Series by Moda and it ran out quickly.  I had some scraps left and eventually the line ended up on Thousands of Bolts and it was at a good price, but I OVER-bought!!!  (I'm still learning on that one, but getting so-o-o-o much better!)

After making a quilt for my bed, I needed a few more pieces to make a border on a quilt I'd made and decided to add borders and make it bigger--as in queen sized. 
After proving to be a bit lightweight, I eventually bought an off-white quilt with light blue embroidery to off-set all the bronze and then used this quilt as a quilt, rather than a bedspread.

Okay--enough of the story.  I'm adding more variety to my stash as I use up the seemingly endless supply of bronze toned fabric.  I'm learning that unless I'm buying for a specific use--3/4 yard is a good sized "buy".

The newly finished quilt is from a pattern, "Dream Catcher," in McCall's Quilting, Sep/Oct 2010 issue and a pattern designed by Marcie Patch.  I thought the pattern would lend itself to my scraps and it did.  It's more monochromatic than hers, but it has successfully used up the biggest portion of these fabrics.  In fact, I needed to buy some binding so that I could add some red to the quilt.  These close-ups show the quilting (by Judy, my quilter) and the smaller blocks within the quilt.

For now, it's  back to some UFO's--I have 4 of my list left and then I'll be onto a wall hanging group that I'm very anxious to work on!  With the completion of this quilt the yardage used for UFO's so far this year has been 101.9 Yards and the total yardage used so far this year is 120.1 Yards!  ...Now that is a lot of fabric!!!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love paisleys, but if I buy yardage it is for backings only. That I am very good about. Wow, 120 yrds down, very good!

QuiltSue said...

120 yards used is a LOT of fabric. I love all the rust shades too.

Helen in the UK said...

LOVE the quilting you've done! I've been caught by the 'overbuying' thing for a couple of projects too, but you're sure turning a lot of yardage into quilts :)e