Friday, April 22, 2011

Quilting is an Earth Friendly Pass Time!

When I started quilting --I mean really quilting--it was 1997 and we had just downsized and moved to a smaller place.  I had brought with me fabrics I thought I could quilt with.

I thought * notice I said thought!  I thought I could use up my scraps in a quilt and be done!  Looking back I almost laugh out loud!  I really thought I could use up all my scraps in a quilt.

Scraps accumulate--quilters are constantly using up and making something useful from scraps.  This is a quilt top that I recently put together from strings and scraps and the foundation for some of the string blocks is from my graduation dress lining.  I had previously used the eyelet on another quilt that I have since given away, but I had a full skirt of still very good broadcloth that I used for the foundation for this quilt top:

The strings were from leftover blocks and quilts and the stars are leftovers from the binding strips  I've used recently.  This top will go towards Margaret's Hope Chest

Here's another top I found and will send, this one made from "crumbs" of leftover quilts along with some "new" pink from the LQS to make it more girl friendly:

So, one could say that quilters really are earth friendly!!


Anonymous said...

It is amazing what we can make with our leftovers. I love your quilts.

Kathy T. said...

I'm really drawn to the aquas, pinks and lavenders in the first top. Lovely colors!