Friday, April 1, 2011

We All Goof Up!

These were listed for my first give away!  I heard from many and many I can't respond to because of  "no-reply" blogger.  So if you haven't heard from me, you aren't listed in the giveaway yet.  So, please email me. 

Also, for me a big goof--the "recipe" can be found here: Counting-by-fives so even if you don't win the fabric, you can join in the win by getting your own free pattern.  It looked like lots of fun to me and I printed off the first page and put it with my fabric so I wouldn't forget what to do with that honey bun.  Of course, if you have a honey bun waiting around for some project--this is perfect!  Or you can make your own honey buns by cutting 1.5 inch strips!

Have a great day.

One more thing--I'll draw for this at 9 a.m. mountain time on Monday, April 4.
Good luck and thanks for all the kind words everyone sent.  This has really been a fun surprise to me.  Didn't know so many would be interested in my leftovers!  I'll scour my house for more--soon.  The garden needs tending too.  But, I've got some things to share.  Spring does that to me, I start wanting to clear up spaces!!

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