Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Choice Was a Great One!

The movie won over all options yesterday!
 The acting was superb and the movie added romantic images into the depth of the book!

 And of course one of my favorite actresses was in the movie, Judi Dench:

So, with that still in my head, I'll sew a border on the "braid" quilt since I've already made an appointment with the quilter (I do this to keep me on track)!

I'll visit a new to me chiropractor!  Can hardly wait to get some relief there!

And I'll add some triangles onto the coin/scrappy quilt!  tee hee and enjoy my new shoes

and bra (sorry no pic for this!)   that I also found.  Does this mean since I found some comfortable shoes I can buy fabric again???  (remember my self imposed buying moratorium?) found here   Well, I'm adding this rules:

"* Fabric specifically required for a swap or challenge
"* Gifts, inheritance, and/or donations
"* Gift certificates that you may use for Fabric
"* Notions and thread (they aren't fabric, after all!)
Since I found some hand dyes that will help me with my challenge for a round robin.  I've picked this for the center block:

I just might need some fabrics for the next borders.  May 20 the new rules will be added to the challenge.  see here  I've got a shopping basket ready and waiting, just in case!

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Carol E. said...

That's funny about Judi Dench. She is one of my unfavorites. But I really want to see the movie. Glad you liked it.